How to Safely Move During a Global Pandemic

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 07, 2020  in 
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Moving is no easy feat in the best of times, but when you add a global pandemic, it’s bound to cause even more challenges. Some people might be choosing to delay their move, but what if you don’t have the option to do so? In most cities across the country, residents are sheltering in place and many businesses are closed. This might make moving more difficult than it would be under normal circumstances. Despite these challenges, the moving industry is taking steps to maintain health and safety operations. Nonetheless, here are a few proactive steps you can take to ensure the safest move possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Stock Up on Supplies

This isn’t the time to be making multiple trips to and from the store to purchase packing supplies. It’s also not an ideal time to be gathering used boxes from grocery stores and warehouse stores. It’s best to purchase new boxes to reduce the risk of contamination. If possible, purchase your moving supplies online. If you must go out, make one trip to your local hardware store and stock up on all necessary supplies. Buy more than you think you need to ensure you don’t run out of supplies.


Consider Moving Services that Minimize Human Contact

Health experts are advising all Americans to practice social distancing, as this is one of the most effective ways to avoid catching or spreading the corona virus. Portable storage containers allow you to control your own move while eliminating contact with other people. You simply call the storage company and the portable containers are delivered directly to your home so you never have to interact with a worker. Unlike traditional moving services that put you at risk of exposure, portable storage containers give you the freedom and flexibility to move while also practice social distancing.


Consider Portable Storage as a Back-up

Things are changing every hour during this global pandemic so it’s important to know you have a backup plan in case a move-in or move-out date shifts. A portable storage container provides a safe place for you to keep your belongings out of the way until you are ready to move.


Be Extra Cautious and Sanitize During Your Move

In order to protect yourself and your family during this pandemic, consider these additional health and safety tips:


-Avoid using recycled boxes from other sources.

-Provide your own lock for storage containers.

-Wipe down the handles of your portable storage containers before and after use.

-Avoid enlisting the help of family and friends during this time.

-Wear gloves when loading and unloading boxes.

-Thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces and floors in your new home.

Dusty Rhodes