3 Ways to Use a Portable Storage Unit at a Vacation Home ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 31, 2020  in 
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More and more people are investing in a vacation home so they can enjoy the amenities of home away from home. Forget about expensive rentals, scheduling hassles, and itinerary planning. With a vacation home, owners get to enjoy a relaxing getaway in the comfort of their own property. Some families prefer a summer lake house or beach house while others prefer a winter cabin for skiing and hiking. Whatever your preference, a vacation home can be a great retreat for your family and a place to make lasting memories. The issue many families have, however, is what to do with all of their stuff. Luckily, a portable storage unit can provide the storage solutions families need. Here are a few ways portable storage units can be helpful for a vacation home.


Storing Recreational Items

Most families choose a vacation home that provides opportunities for recreational activities. This lends itself to a tremendous amount of gear and equipment including ski equipment, snorkeling and diving gear, inner tubes, surfboards, beach toys, lounge chairs, golf clubs, kayaks, camping equipment, and more. Unfortunately, these items can end up taking over the entire living room of your vacation home. A portable storage unit can provide the perfect place to store all of this equipment so it is neatly organized and out of the way.


Storing Seasonal Items

It can be particularly challenging for families to find a place to store all of their seasonal belongings during the months when they are living at their primary residence. At the end of each season, families might be left grappling with where to store patio furniture, tools and lawn equipment, seasonal clothing, and other seasonal items. It is far too costly to ship these items to their primary home, so a portable storage unit can be a great solution. These units can be kept on-site to provide convenient storage for seasonal items without the hassles of having to move them back and forth.


Personal Storage for Vacation Rentals

The market for vacation rentals has steadily been on the rise so many families are opting to rent their vacation home when they aren’t using it. This is a great way to recoup some of the costs associated with owning a vacation home. For owners who choose to rent their vacation home, they might be in need of a place to store their own personal items so they aren’t damaged by guests. A portable storage unit can provide a place to store extra furniture, personal photos, family memorabilia, personal recreational items, and valuables so they remain safe and secure. Not only does this keep personal items away from guests, but it also creates a more open and welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy their stay.

Dusty Rhodes