Declutter, Purge, Wash Hands: How to Jumpstart Your Deep Cleaning Routine

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 27, 2020  in 
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Clean Purge Wash


During our current Social Distancing experiemnets because of COVID-19, many people are furiously cleaning everything they can reach. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get organized and start afresh. Most of us are anxious to get our house in order for the brighter days ahead. Consider these great tips to help you tackle your deep cleaning.

Make a To-Do List

A detailed plan is the first step in ensuring success as you prepare for spring cleaning.  It will help you stay on track and make the job much easier. Take some time to go through and inspect each room in the house and write down anything that needs to be cleaned or organized. If your list begins to look overwhelming, simplify it by grouping things according to room, task type, or length of time.


Take Inventory of Your Cleaning Supplies

Nothing will halt your spring cleaning plan as quickly as running out of necessary supplies. Any detours and trips to the store can slow down the process and kill your momentum, so make sure you have everything you need ahead of time. Check your supply and make sure you are stocked up on sprays, cleaners, cloths, storage containers, and anything else you will need to get the job done. 


Declutter and Purge

It’s time to create three piles: Keep, Donate, Trash. Go through your home one room at a time and sort your belongings into the appropriate piles. Once you have stripped everything out of the room, move the “keep” items back into the room, organizing them as you go. Pro Tip: Renting a portable storage container can be helpful because it will provide a place for you to store items as you organize each room.


Deep Clean Each Room

It’s important to give your home a deep clean at least once or twice a year and spring is the perfect time to do so. Deep cleaning involves more than just running the vacuum and wiping down counters. It means scrubbing the windows and windowsills, washing the curtains, mopping the floors, dusting bookshelves, ceiling fans, and light fixtures, and thoroughly cleaning bathrooms. This can be a daunting task, but it can be accomplished when you take it one room at a time. Pro Tip: Cleaning is much easier if you move the furniture out of the room and a portable storage container is a great place to store furniture temporarily so you can clean those hard to reach places.


Don’t Forget About Outside

Not only is it important to clean the inside of your home, but spring is the best time to clean outside as well. Use a pressure washer to clean exterior windows, walkways, and the driveway. Clean out flower beds and prepare them for planting. Sweep your front porch and wipe down patio furniture, benches, and swings. Cleaning the outside will improve curb appeal and prepare your home for plenty of outdoor activities.

Dusty Rhodes