6 Problems with Not Using a Portable Storage Unit to Help Declutter

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 29, 2020  in 
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Anyone who has ever lived on their own understands that over time you collect more and more things and it eventually becomes challenging to find a place for all of these items. Inevitably, your house becomes cluttered and this can cause a great deal of frustration. Not only is clutter unsightly, but it can be stressful and time-consuming when you can’t find the things you need. It can also present a number of challenges when and if you decide to sell your home. So, whether you are moving or just ready to take control of your life, decluttering is an important task. That said, decluttering your home is no small feat. The thought of cleaning out and organizing your entire home can be overwhelming, but a portable storage unit can help. These containers provide an affordable and convenient solution for decluttering your home. Here are a few problems you might encounter if you don’t use a portable storage unit to help declutter.


Too Overwhelming

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid decluttering is because the thought of taking everything out of the home is such a daunting task that they feel totally overwhelmed. A portable storage container can ease this process by providing a place to store items as you declutter, but if you try to declutter your home without this additional storage, it can feel like you are just creating a bigger mess.


You Feel Rushed

Decluttering your home is a big job and something that can’t be accomplished in one day. However, when you start moving things around and creating pile after pile of junk, you might feel eager to get these items out of your home as quickly as possible. That can make you feel rushed and only add to your stress. A portable storage container is great because you can keep it for as long as you need, giving you ample time to declutter on your own schedule without feeling rushed.


You Won’t Be Able to Clear Out Each Room

The best way to declutter is to take one room at a time and move everything out of the room. Then, you only put back the items you wish to keep. The problem, however, is that without a portable storage container, you have no place to move all of these items as you organize them and put them away. You are left with piles of stuff everywhere in your home.


No Place to Store Items You Want to Keep

When you declutter your home you are likely to have some items that you don’t necessarily need in your home at the moment, but you aren’t ready to part with them. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have excess storage space and without a portable storage container, you have no place to store these items temporarily.


It’s Too Hard to Separate Items

Decluttering isn’t just about discarding unwanted items, it’s also about organizing the items you have. A portable storage container provides additional space for you to neatly separate items so you can organize them before putting them back in your home. Without this container, it will be difficult to find enough room to separate and organize your belongings.


It’s Hard to Keep an Inventory

As you declutter your home, you are likely going to have multiple piles of items. You are going to have throw away items, donate items, sell items, and keep items. However, it’s easy for things to get lost or misplaced amid the chaos. A portable storage container makes it easier to keep an inventory of your belongings so you can keep track of where things are as you organize.

Dusty Rhodes