4 Hacks for Cutting Down on Moving Expenses

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 24, 2020  in 
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Moving is certainly one of the most stressful, chaotic, and time-consuming tasks a homeowner will experience. With so many things to do and remember, it’s easy to get frazzled along the way. To make matters worse, many homeowners incur quite a few expenses throughout the moving process. The good news, however, is that moving doesn’t have to put a strain on your bank account. Consider these budget friendly hacks that will help you cut down on your moving expenses.


Don’t Hire Movers

You may be tempted to hire movers in a desperate attempt to simplify the process, but the reality is that hiring professional movers can exacerbate your stress due to the hefty price tag. Packing your own things not only saves you hundreds of dollars, but it allows you to know where everything is. In addition to the higher price, professional movers will also expect you to set a date and move all of your items in one or two days. This timeline restriction can create quite a bit of pressure. Consider renting a portable storage container. Not only will you save a great deal compared to hiring movers, but you will have the convenience and flexibility of moving on your own schedule.


Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

This is one of the best hacks for saving money and making it! Every old t-shirt, kitchen gadget, broken toy, and never been used tool is just one more thing you will have to pack and move. Save yourself time and money by decluttering and getting rid of items you no longer use. The less items you have, the less boxes and packing supplies you will need. This is also the perfect time to turn those unwanted items into cash- and that can really be helpful when you’re moving!


Get Boxes for Free

It might not seem like it, but one of your biggest moving expenses will be the cardboard boxes. The good news, is that it’s possible to get most of your boxes for free! Start by asking friends, neighbors, or family members who have recently moved if they can lend you some boxes. You can also check out local grocery stores, warehouse suppliers, and liquor stores because oftentimes they will give you boxes for free.


Get Creative with Packing Materials

The cost of packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts can really add up so it can be worth your while to get a little creative. Your home is full of supplies which can be effective for packing your belongings. Luggage, baskets, trash cans, pots, buckets, and bags are great for storing items while towels, linens, pillows,newspapers, socks, and clothing make perfect cushioning materials. Just think of all the money you will save by using these common household items.

Dusty Rhodes