7 Smart Items to Store in a Portable Storage Unit When Selling Your House

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 22, 2020  in 
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For the record

Selling a home is all about presentation which is why home staging is so critical. A vase of flowers, fresh baked cookies, and a fragrant candle can really make a good impression on buyers. On the other hand, certain items in the home can ruin your chances for a potential sale. It’s difficult to make your home look like a model home while you are still living there, but there are a few items that you should definitely put in portable storage while your home is on the market. Here are seven smart items you should consider storing out of sight if you are trying to sell your home.


Personal Photographs

Photographs are a nice touch for you home and can give it a personal feel while you are living there. However, they can make it feel awkward for a potential buyer. Buyers are trying to envision themselves living in your home and this can be difficult when your walls and end tables are adorned with family photos. You don’t want buyers distracted by imagining your family in the home, so it’s best to store your photographs out of the way.



You might be an avid collector but rooms and shelves packed with porcelain figurines, dolls, model cars, baseball cards, or any other type of collection might put buyers off. These collections tend to take over the room and they can distract buyers from noticing the features of the room itself. It would be wise to pack these items in storage so you can showcase your home and not your collections.



When you are selling your home you have to remember that strangers are going to be coming into your home and looking through everything. You should expect that people will be opening drawers, looking in closets, and looking in your cabinets. This is not the time to have valuable jewelry, pottery, crystal, or even money lying around. In the midst of potential buyers coming in and out of your home at various times you might not notice if something has gone missing. It’s smart to take proper precautions and put any valuables in storage while your home is on the market.


Excess Furniture

When you are trying to sell your home, it’s always best to take a minimalistic approach so your home appears larger and more open. Too much furniture can make the room look cluttered and will definitely make it appear smaller. The idea is to open up the space and showcase your home’s best features so you should remove bulky or excess furniture. This is the time to take the treadmill out of your bedroom or remove the couch from the spare bedroom. Declutter each room and store any furniture that doesn’t belong in the space.


Storage Boxes

It’s great that you want to get a head start on your packing but potential buyers don’t want to see stacks of boxes in the dining room. Clearing your home of boxes and moving supplies will make your home look neater and will show prospective buyers how much storage space you actually have.


Pet Supplies

Chewed up tennis balls, smelly stuffed animals, and bones are part of life with a dog but not everyone loves Fido as much as you. Prospective buyers might be turned off by these unsightly items and they may not even love the fact that you have a pet at all. Although your pet is still 


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