A Look at How Portable Storage Containers Solve Real Estate Problems

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 21, 2020  in 
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Declutter to Increase Sales Price

Buying and selling a home can be a complex process and one that comes with its fair share of challenges. Realtors are responsible for helping clients sell their home faster and for the most money possible. This means they have to focus on home staging, hosting open houses, and hunting for a new home all while dealing with bank lenders, home inspectors, and appraisers. Due to the complexity of the industry, real estate agents often run into a number of problems that could be solved with the help of a portable storage container. These containers offer an affordable and convenient solution for storage issues that both realtors and homeowners face. Here are just a few ways that portable storage containers can simplify a number of real estate problems.


Decluttering Homes

Real estate is a competitive market and when homeowners decide to list their home, they need to look for every advantage to help make their home stand out from the rest. Perhaps the first thing a realtor might suggest is that homeowners clean out and declutter their home. Excess clutter makes a home look messy and crowded, two things that definitely won’t give homeowners a competitive edge. Therefore, it is important that homeowners remove the clutter in order to improve the look of the home and increase their chances of selling it. A portable storage container is a fantastic solution for decluttering homes because it gives homeowners a convenient place to store their belongings out of the way in order to maximize space in the home.


Home Staging

Home staging is a critical part of selling your home and it’s a great way to help prospective buyers visualize themselves in the home. Homes that are well-staged typically sell faster and for a higher price so it gives sellers an edge in the market. Realtors might suggest depersonalizing the home by removing family photographs and other personal items. They might also suggest to remove excess furniture and even replace existing furniture with temporary furniture that enhances the look of the space. Portable storage containers allow homeowners to conveniently and cost-effectively store items close by while keeping them out of the way for potential buyers. They also offer a great solution for realtors who keep their own staging accessories on hand and need a place to store them.


Storing Signage and Materials

Realtors have lots of materials that are necessary to help them do their job. They have a variety of yard signs, banners, and  brochures that they use to promote their business. Unfortunately, these materials can be bulky and take up a great deal of space and many real estate offices just don’t have adequate storage for all of these items. Realtors end up storing these items in their own home just to have a place for them. Portable storage containers can be highly useful in the real estate industry to solve this problem. They provide a simple and convenient storage solution for all of these accessories.


Competitive Advantage

The real estate industry is pretty saturated with agents and that’s a big problem facing many realtors. Realtors are always looking for ways to build referrals. Portable storage containers can help. By offering clients access to portable storage units, real estate agents can set themselves apart from the crowd. This is a great incentive to help homeowners with staging, decluttering, and packing. What a great way to make a lasting impression!

Dusty Rhodes