4 Benefits of Storing Seasonal Decorations in a Portable Storage Unit ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 02, 2020  in 
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Decorating for the holidays is a favorite tradition for many people and each year we find ourselves adding to the outdoor light display, adorning the tree with a few new ornaments, accessorizing more space in our homes, and updating those old decorations. Though it is certainly fun and exciting to get into the holiday spirit with loads of decorations, finding a place to store those decorations after the holidays isn’t quite as fun. This year, don’t cram your newly purchased decorations into boxes in your attic. Consider the benefits of storing your seasonal decorations in a portable storage unit.


Save Space in Your Home

One thing many homeowners don’t have enough of is storage space and seasonal decorations can definitely take up a great deal of space. Christmas trees, wreaths, lights, and yard decor are often large and fragile. Why waste that much needed space in your garage or attic with seasonal decorations that you only use once a year? Consider storing your seasonal decorations in a portable storage unit so you can save the space in your home for more practical everyday items.


Organize Your Decorations

Every year we pull boxes out of our attic and closets only to find jumbled strands of lights, mismatched decorations, and missing pieces to our holiday display. When you only have a small amount of storage space in your home, you tend to cram everything into a few boxes and shove it out of the way. However, this makes the task of finding what you’re looking for quite a challenge come next year. With a portable storage unit, you will have plenty of space to neatly organize your seasonal decorations so you can easily find specific items.


Protect Your Decorations

Seasonal decorations don’t come cheap and you could easily spend hundreds of dollars each year replacing broken lights, ornaments, and decorations from items that have been stored in small, tight spaces. A portable storage unit is spacious enough to neatly store all of your seasonal decorations so you don’t have to worry about ruining your seasonal decorations. Protect your investment and save money by not having to replace these items year after year.


Keep an Inventory

It’s hard to keep track of your seasonal decorations when you only use them once a year and many people don’t want to spend hours sifting through box after box to see if they have a particular item. Therefore, they end up rebuying items they already have. With a portable storage unit, you can keep all of your seasonal decorations neatly organized and labeled so it’s easy to keep and inventory of what you have. No more scrambling around trying to figure out what items you need. You can enjoy the fun of decorating for the holidays when you have an organized inventory of your decorations.

Dusty Rhodes