5 Ideas for Using a Portable Storage Unit for a School Fundraiser

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 21, 2019  in 
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Fall is the perfect time for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hayrides but it is also a popular season for school fundraisers.  Haunted houses, Halloween carnivals, Fall festivals, bake sales, and auctions are just a few of the various methods schools use for fundraising. These fundraisers are fundamental in helping schools collect finances for important purposes such as improving school facilities, purchasing supplies or furniture, or even supporting the school’s athletic programs. Whatever the reason, school fundraisers are a great way to meet the financial needs of the school. But these fundraisers also require a great deal of planning and organization. Portable storage containers are an excellent tool for school fundraisers because they provide much needed storage space but are also versatile enough to be used for a variety of purposes. They are small enough to fit inside a parking space and are weather resistant and durable enough to keep items inside safe and secure. Here are 5 ways portable storage containers can help with your next school fundraiser.


Storage for Supplies

No matter what kind of fundraiser you are planning, there are bound to be basic supplies such as tables, chairs, linens, signage, serving dishes, lighting, decorations, and the list goes on. It can be difficult to event organizers to find a place to store all of these items. Portable storage containers provide that much needed storage space for these must-have supplies. It also makes it super convenient to be able to store these supplies right on-site.


Organizing Donations

Many schools and organizations rely on donated resources in order to carry out these fundraisers. People might donate food, bottled drinks, supplies, or auction items and all of these items will need to be stored someplace. Portable storage containers provide convenient storage solution that will make organizing these donations much easier. You can also easily transport these containers to multiple locations if needed throughout the planning process.


Ticket Booth

If your school is hosting a carnival or festival of sorts then you will certainly need a ticket booth onsite. Portable storage containers are the perfect place to set up a table where workers can collect payment and distribute tickets. The enclosed container makes it possible for volunteers to work all day through regardless of rain or shine.


Volunteer Breakroom

No fundraiser is possible without the help of countless volunteers and these volunteers will need a place to find respite during their shift. A portable storage container can be used as a portable break room where volunteers can come to sit down and have a snack or drink during their shift.


Portable Office

There will always be volunteers working behind the scenes to ensure the fundraiser goes off without a hitch. A portable storage container is a perfect mobile office where volunteers can hold meetings, make phone calls, set up a first-aid station, and keep track of all the logistics of the event.

Dusty Rhodes