How to Get a Jumpstart on Organizing Holiday Decor

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 18, 2019  in 
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With the holidays just around the corner, you might be thinking about which decorations you would like to use for your home this year. If you are like most people, you probably have bins and boxes full of decorations for every season and holiday. Chances are when you go to grab these decorations you find yourself completely overwhelmed by the unorganized mess you find inside the box. Better yet, you might even miss boxes completely because they are hidden underneath so much clutter in your attic. Before the holidays arrive is a great time to take a look at the decorations you have and declutter the items that you no longer use. Now is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on organizing your decor so you will be ready to go at the start of the holiday season.


  • ●Gather all of your decorations and sort them by holiday. Go through each pile of decorations and get rid of anything that is broken or that you won’t use this year. Plan on donating any unused items to get them out of the way.
  • ●Stock up on storage containers such as ornament boxes, wreath bags, and plastic bins. Clear storage bins can be helpful so you can see the contents inside.
  • ●Organize your ornaments into compartments or ornament boxes to ensure they don’t get broken. Take the time to wrap any other items that are fragile or breakable.
  • ●Store fabric items such as stockings, linens, and tablecloths inside a sealed bin so moisture cannot get inside.
  • ●Take inventory of each item before you place it in the box and tape the list of contents to the inside lid of each box. This will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for when you are decorating.


Most people are short on storage space in their garage, attic, and closets and these holiday decorations can end up taking up a great deal of space in these areas. Consider renting a portable storage container to help you store and organize your holiday decor. These versatile containers provide much needed storage space that will free up space in your home. They can also be conveniently transported to and from your home to make long-term storage easy and efficient. They are weather-proof and rodent-proof so you won’t have to worry about your decorations getting damaged by moisture or pests. Furthermore, they are extremely secure so you can be sure your decorations are safely stored and won’t be susceptible to theft. These storage containers are a great way to make organizing your holiday decorations simple so you will be ready to find what you need as soon as the holidays arrive. 

Dusty Rhodes