5 Advantages to Storing Your Christmas Decorations Off-Site

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 27, 2019  in 
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One of the most exciting things about the holidays is the festive decor. The trees, ornaments, and lights just put you in the Christmas spirit. However, holiday decorating can go from fun to frustrating very quickly if you haven’t stored your decorations properly. Even worse, is putting it all away and trying to cram boxes back into your attic. Don’t let these storage problems bring you down this year. Instead, enjoy the fun of the season by storing your holiday decorations in a storage container. Here are just a few of the advantages to storing your Christmas decorations off-site.


They Will Be Easily Accessible

Nothing ruins the holiday spirit faster than having to crawl through tight spaces in the attic or sift through cobwebs in the basement just to pull out your Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, most people don’t have adequate space in their home to store holiday decorations in an easily accessible place. If you store your decorations in a storage container, you can easily access them at ground level by simply walking into the storage unit. The storage containers are spacious enough for you to neatly store all of your decorations so you can easily find what you are looking for.


Save Space at Home

If there’s one thing most homeowners could use more of, it’s storage space. Why waste valuable space in your closet, garage, basement, or attic to store items that you will only use for a few weeks out of the year? Storing these holiday decorations off-site will free up space in your home to store more everyday items.


You Have More Space to Organize

Every year a battle ensues between a homeowner and a wad of tangled lights and most of the time the lights are victorious. You Christmas spirit will quickly turn to frustration when you can’t untangle those lights or you can’t find that missing piece to the nativity scene. Storing your Christmas decorations off-site means you get to dedicate an entire storage container to organizing your holiday decor. Since you aren’t cramped for space, you can neatly and easily sort your decorations, hang them, and stack them in an orderly fashion. It will be less stressful and more enjoyable to decorate when you can easily find your decorations.


Protect Your Decorations

Every year people spend hundreds of dollars replacing broken bulbs, ornaments, dishes, and other Christmas decorations that got damaged while in storage. No matter how hard you might try to pack them safely, the attic and garage just aren’t the best places to store these fragile items. They can break if boxes fall on them and they are susceptible to damage from moisture and fluctuating temperatures. When you store these decorations off-site you can be sure they will be well protected from outdoor elements, weather, rodents, and falling debris.


You Can Add to Your Collection

Chances are you can barely find a place to store the few decorations that you have. This means, it’s nearly impossible to add to your collection year after year. If you choose to store your decorations off-site, however, you will have much more space so you can add to your festive collection of Christmas decor each and every year. You will finally be able to take advantage of those after Christmas sales because you will have secure and spacious place to store your decorations.

Dusty Rhodes