8 Clever Ways to Use a Portable Storage Container During Fall Months

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 04, 2019  in 
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Portable storage containers are highly versatile and can be useful for a variety of storage needs. They offer a unique storage solution that is convenient and affordable. As autumn approaches, the time is just right to begin storing seasonal items, preparing to head back to school, and getting your home in tip top shape for the holidays. A portable storage unit might be just what you need this fall... and here’s why!


Store Lawn Equipment and Gardening Tools

As the air becomes cool and crisp homeowners know that their time working in the yard is coming to an end for the year. This means they can finally put away their lawn equipment and gardening tools until spring. Things like a lawnmower, blower, trimmers, shovels, and gardening tools can take up a great deal of space in your garage or shed for the next several months. Why not free up that space and keep your equipment well protected by storing it in a portable storage unit?


Store Pool Supplies

Fall is the perfect time to clean your pool, close it down, and prepare for the winter months ahead. A portable storage container is ideal for storing pool supplies and equipment because it provides a spacious area where you can keep these items dry and organized until spring.


Store Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can be quite an investment and if you want to keep you outdoor furniture looking its best year after year it’s important to keep it covered and protected during the cooler months. That said, most people do not have enough space in their garage to store all of their patio furniture. A portable storage container is the perfect place to store your outdoor furniture until you are ready yo use it again in the spring.


Organize Holiday Decor

Fall is the beginning of the holiday season and many people love to welcome this time of year with festive decorations. A portable storage container is the perfect way to organize your decor for every holiday including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. With a portable storage container, you can easily access your decor so you can seamlessly transition your decorations from one holiday to the next!


Special Event Storage

Fall is a popular time for everything from carnivals and festivals to Halloween parties. All of these special events require plenty of decorations, tables, chairs, and supplies. A portable storage unit is a great way to keep all of your supplies neatly organized and the portability even allows you to transport these items to any location. Special event planning has never been easier than it is with the help of portable storage.


Moving College Students

Fall means it’s time for your college student to head back to school and you can simplify this process with the help of a portable storage container. You can have the container delivered directly to your home where you can pack up everything your child will need. Then, simply have the storage unit transported directly to your child’s dorm or apartment. You have plenty of space to fit everything from clothes to furniture so you can move your child in one easy trip.


Seasonal Clothing

As fall approaches, it’s time to start trading your shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and jackets. There is no need to take up much needed storage space in your home by cramming your closets full of seasonal clothing. Instead, take advantage of the ease and convenience of portable storage and use that as a place to neatly store all of your out of season clothing.


Cleaning and Decluttering

Why wait until spring to clean and organize your home? Fall is the perfect time to get your home looking its best because the weather is cool and comfortable so you aren’t working in the heat. Furthermore, your home will be looking its best for the holidays which are just around the corner. Take advantage of these fall months and use a portable storage unit to help provide storage for your cleaning and organizing needs.

Dusty Rhodes