7 Simple Tips for Using a Portable Storage Container Year-Round

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 30, 2019  in 
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The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear “portable storage containers” is probably moving. Although, they were initially designed to make the moving process easier for homeowners, portable storage units have proven to be useful for a number of reasons. They provide homeowners with a storage solution that is versatile, secure, and cost-effective and most importantly, beneficial all year long! Here are just a few of the ways in which portable storage containers can be helpful year-round.


Deep Cleaning/Organizing the Home

Every year most homeowners take the time to declutter, organize, and clean their home at least once. For some this is called “spring cleaning” and for others it might happen during another time of year. Whenever the season, this deep cleaning can be greatly simplified with the help of a portable storage container. It allows homeowners to move everything out of a room and store it in the storage container while they deep clean the space. Furthermore, they can organize and declutter by only putting back those items they wish to keep.


Additional Home Storage

One thing many homeowners are lacking is ample storage space. Portable storage units are ideal because they provide a simple storage solution for any home. They can be used to store seasonal clothing, excess furniture, home office supplies, toys, and any other items that might be taking up too much space in your home.


Seasonal Decor

Many people love the fun and excitement of decorating for the various seasons and holidays but things can get tricky when they start looking for a place to store all of this seasonal decor. Portable storage units are perfect because they give you ample storage space to keep all of your seasonal decor neatly organized and packed out of the way. No more stressing about where to store everything! Now you can enjoy the fun of decorating through the seasons!


Sports/Recreational Equipment

For those who love the outdoors or who have kids who play sports, it doesn’t take long for the garage to succumb to bikes, bats, balls, helmets, and cleats. Many of these items are seasonal and don’t need to be taking up space in your garage year round. Furthermore, these items can be expensive and could end up damaged from moisture, dirt, and extreme temperatures in the garage. Take back your garage space and protect your investment by storing sports equipment and recreational equipment in a portable storage container.


Lawn and Gardening Tools

As the warmth of spring arrives, homeowners eagerly pull out their lawn and gardening tools ready to get their yards in tip top shape. However, things like a lawnmower, blower, weedeater, hoe, hedge trimmers, chainsaw, and other tools end up taking over the garage or shed. Why keep these items in your garage during the winter months when they aren’t in use? Likewise, why clutter your garage with a snow shovel and snowblower in the middle of the summer? You can store these items neatly out of the way during the off season with the help of a portable storage unit.


Pool Supplies

If you own a pool, then you are familiar with how many tools and supplies are required to keep your pool up and running. Chemicals, equipment, and pool supplies need to be stored properly 

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