4 Killer Advantages of Every PTA Having a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 27, 2019  in 
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As we begin the start of a new school year, the time has never been better to reflect on the importance of your school’s PTA and how you can help make their year even better. There are countless challenges when it comes to delivering a quality education for students. From budget cuts to increasing class sizes, schools are faced with a daunting task. Luckily, the school’s PTA is there to help. These parents and dedicated volunteers address the needs of your school and students as they work to organize parental involvement opportunities and host fundraisers and events that help support your school. They do so much for your school so why not do something for them? Ask any member of the PTA and they will probably agree that it’s difficult to find a way to keep supplies and materials organized. A portable storage unit could be just the thing they need to make this school year more productive than ever! Here are a few advantages to providing a portable storage container for your PTA.


Storage for Events and Festivals

Schools depend on the support of their families to be successful and nothing brings families together like special events. The PTA is responsible for hosting numerous school events such as special breakfasts, teacher appreciation luncheons, festivals, picnics, auctions, family game nights, and a variety of other special activities. These special events require a great deal of supplies and materials including tables, chairs, decorations, serving pieces, and more. A portable storage provides a place where the PTA can keep all of these items neatly stored and organized.


Makes Organizing Fundraisers Easier

One of the most important jobs of the PTA is to host fundraisers for the school. These fundraisers allow the school to purchase new items and make necessary improvements to the school. These fundraisers also require a lot of planning, organizing, and supplies. It can be quite a challenge for the PTA to keep all of these fundraising materials stored and organized but a portable storage container is the solution they need.


Store and Sort School Supplies

Each year the PTA is also in charge of sorting and organizing school supply boxes for distribution. It takes a lot of space to house the supplies for an entire school and having something spacious like a portable storage container can help the PTA members to sort and organize these materials more efficiently.


Surplus Storage

The PTA is responsible for a number of different tasks throughout the year from hosting a Welcome Back night to Teacher Appreciation Luncheons. There’s no doubt that all of these events require supplies and PTA members are always on the lookout for a great buy. A portable storage container would allow PTA members to make bulk purchases on sale items or specialty items so they have the items available when needed. They could also take advantage of purchasing additional school supplies and emergency supplies because they could easily store everything in the portable storage container.

Dusty Rhodes