7 Advantages of Using a Storage Container to Move Instead of a Truck

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 26, 2019  in 
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If you are planning a move there are undoubtedly loads of decisions to make. One of those decisions will be how to move your belongings from one home to another. Do you hire professional movers? Do you enlist the help of family and friends and rent a moving truck or do you go with a portable storage company? While there are a wide range of options when it comes to moving, nothing is as advantageous as moving with a portable storage company. The moving method you choose is an important decision, so why not make it easier with a portable storage company. Here are just a few of the advantages to using a portable storage container instead of a moving truck.

Ultra Convenient

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a portable storage container is the convenience. These moving containers are delivered right to your door and offer portable storage solutions that make packing and unpacking a breeze. When you are ready to move your belongings to your new home, simply call the portable storage company and they will transport the container to your new home.


When you rent a moving truck, you are pressed for time as you only have the truck for a short period of time. This means you will have to work quickly for a day or two to get everything loaded, moved, and unloaded so you can return the truck on time. Storage containers, on the other hand, are yours for as long as you need. This means you can take your time loading and unloading at your leisure. No more exhausting yourself trying to do everything in a few days!

Easy Loading and Unloading

Moving trucks can present several challenges and hazards. It is extremely difficult lifting heavy boxes and furniture up and down a steep ramp. Not only does this risk damage to your belongings, but you also risk injury to your back. Portable storage containers eliminate this risk with easy, ground-level loading.


Most portable storage containers are large enough to fit an entire household of furniture or at least a good portion of it. You also have the convenience of choosing the size that best suits your needs.

Safe and Efficient Delivery

Most people don’t have experience driving large moving trucks so this can be a stressful experience and something that a lot of people aren’t comfortable doing. Luckily, portable storage companies take care of the delivery for you. They also use a specialized lift system that minimizes jostling and shifting of your belongings so you can rest assured your items will arrive in one piece.

Local and National Delivery Options

If you are moving a long distance, it can be daunting to think about driving a moving truck all that way. Furthermore, it forces you to tow your own vehicle. Portable storage companies offer local and national delivery options so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of a long-distance move. They provide easy and reliable transport so you can focus on your family instead of your belongings.

No Hidden Costs

There are a lot of potential hidden costs when you rent a moving truck. You need to account for gas, insurance, time, and even lodging if you are moving long distance. All of these costs can add up to a significant expense. Portable storage companies offer easy, up-front pricing so you know exactly what you will be paying.


Dusty Rhodes