8 Easy Ways to Simplify Moving to College

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 12, 2019  in 
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All summer long parents and students alike are thinking about that big milestone ahead: college move-in day. While it’s easy to let the summer get away from you and leave packing until the last minute, it is advisable not to wait. Moving to college is a big task and one that requires some planning. Consider these helpful tips to simplify your child’s move to college.

1-Start Early

Most college students have one thing in common...they are professionals at procrastinating. Unfortunately, this will only exacerbate the already stressful college move. The best thing you can do to make your child’s college move easier is to encourage them to start thinking ahead and pack well in advance.

2-Think Small

Let’s face it...your child is not moving into a sprawling resort. The reality is that your child is about to move into 10x10 concrete room. Therefore, you have to think small.  A giant flatscreen TV is not a practical choice for a dorm room. Likewise, your child will need a smaller refrigerator, a small desk fan, and a laptop over a desktop. All of these smaller items are more practical for such a tight space and will allow for more room. It also makes the packing process much easier when you are trading in large, bulky items for smaller ones.

3-Only Pack the Essentials

Before starting the packing process, think about what your child has to have as opposed to what they would like to have. Encourage your child to start with the essentials first. Limit the number of shoes that are packed and don’t waste room packing coats and jackets that are too bulky. Take only what is necessary and if there is some room left, pack a few extra items at the end.

4- Consider Shipping Items

If you are traveling a long distance to take your child to college and you are concerned about the amount of space in your car, consider shipping some items. Things like bedding, sheets, pillows, and blankets can easily be packed in boxes and are lightweight enough that they won’t cost too much to ship. This can save space in your car and cut down on the amount of boxes you will be lugging back and forth across campus.

5-Buy What You Don’t Want to Pack

You can save a great deal of time and hassle by waiting to purchase some items until you arrive at school. Things like blankets, sheets, books, food and toiletry items, and even small appliances can be purchased once you arrive at school. Better yet, you can even shop online and have some of the items shipped directly to your dorm or apartment.

6-Organize as You Go

One of the best things you can do is to organize your belongings as you pack. Keep like items together so they are easy to locate once you arrive. Go ahead and pack clothes on the hangers so all you have to do is hang them up when you arrive. Label your boxes and keep an itemized list of what you packed.

7-Pack Items in Storage Containers

One thing every college needs plenty of is storage containers. Save yourself time by packing your items in the storage containers. That way, you don’t even have to unpack each item when you arrive. You simply put the storage containers away. Be creative when you pack as well. Shoe organizers can double as toiletry or office supply storage. Your refrigerator can double as a storage box. This will save space and save you from making multiple trips in and out of your dorm.

8-Pack a Survival Bag

One of the most important things you can do is to pack a survival bag with those items you will need right away. It can include things like toiletry items, medications, clothing, and bedding essentials. Your life will be crazy during those first few days at college so be prepared with a an essentials bag.

Dusty Rhodes