8 Essential Ways to Use Portable Storage Containers at a School

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 28, 2019  in 
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Every business requires storage space, and schools are no exception. It takes a tremendous amount of supplies and equipment to operate a school and all of these extra items create a large demand for storage. Since many schools do not have the excess funds to expand their buildings, they can save money and solve their storage problems by renting portable storage containers. Storage containers are an extremely efficient and cost-effective way for schools to house and organize all of their belongings. Here are just a few of the ways in which portable storage containers are useful in schools.


Storing/Hauling Athletic Supplies

School athletic programs usually consist of multiple sports, each with their own equipment and uniforms. Many schools offer sports such as soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, cheerleading, and so much more. This requires a great deal of specialized equipment and this can easily take over storage closets in a school. It is nearly impossible for schools to store all of their athletic equipment inside the school so portable storage containers make it possible to keep everything organized. In addition to storage space, these portable containers are also ideal for traveling. The portability makes it easy to pack up gear and transport it to a different location if needed.


Special Events

Schools host a variety of special events throughout the year including festivals, socials, auctions, carnivals, field day, and so many more. These events require large and cumbersome equipment and materials such as tables, chairs, audio equipment, ticket booths, carnival games, etc. It can be challenging to find a place to store all of these items and that’s when portable storage containers can help.



Schools require a great deal of maintenance equipment and this can leave staff members scrambling to find storage for lawn mowers, cleaning supplies, mops, and brooms. Whether you need to store a riding mower or cleaning supplies, a portable storage container keeps everything neat and out of the way.


Portable Classrooms

Many schools need extra space for students and teachers but their budget does not allow for a major expansion and renovation. Portable storage containers can easily be converted into classrooms  without breaking a school’s budget.



Most schools have extra furniture that needs storing but it can be difficult to find room for desks, tables, chairs, and computers. Portable storage containers make it possible for schools to store this excess furniture without taking up the much needed storage space within the school.



Schools that are undergoing renovations will undoubtedly be faced with the challenge of finding a place to store equipment, furniture, textbooks, and other supplies during the course of the renovation. Since portable storage containers can be rented for as long as needed, they are an easy and convenient solution for schools that are in the process of renovations.


Classroom Overflow

Cluttered classrooms make it difficult for teachers and students to teach and learn. Schools want to provide the best learning environment possible so it’s important to have a place to store extra textbooks, workbooks, furniture, and supplies.


Records Management

School offices are bombarded with students files, paperwork, and records. This can quickly clutter any office space so a portable storage container provides an on-site solution for storing important records and documents while freeing up a considerable amount of space in the office.


Dusty Rhodes