How to Use Portable Storage Containers at an Elementary School

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 21, 2019  in 
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Summer is a time when school administrators and teachers get to enjoy the quiet hallways and empty classrooms but it can also be the perfect time to start getting everything organized for next school year. There is plenty to sort through and organize and one thing every school could use a little more of is storage. Portable storage containers are the perfect solution for helping any elementary school get more organized.  They provide ideal storage space at a price that won’t cut into the school budget. Many schools have found portable storage containers to be useful for a variety of purposes.


Athletic and Equipment Storage

School athletic programs are fundamental in the development of young children but they also require a lot of space. Each sport has its own equipment, uniforms, and gear and it can sometimes be impossible to fit all of these items into school storage closets. Portable storage containers are a great option for housing all of the school’s athletic equipment and supplies. This can free up space inside the school gymnasium for physical education equipment.


Furniture Storage

In addition to sports equipment, most schools have extra furniture, tables, desks, chairs, computers, and other supplies that require storage. However, it can be quite a challenge to find a place to house all of this excess furniture. Portable storage containers are ideal for storing furniture out of the way and they are also easily accessible if needed.


Musical Instruments/Theater Storage

Finding space to properly store musical instruments, theater props, and costumes is a challenge for many teachers. These items are crucial for band practice, orchestra, and drama programs but these large instruments and props can be cumbersome. Portable storage containers can solve this problem by providing ample storage for these important items.


Office and Library Storage

Schools function much like a business meaning that there are numerous records, paperwork, and books that need to be kept. Textbooks, library books, and office records can take up a great deal of space and portable storage containers provide a place where these items can be neatly stored and organized.


Special Event Storage

Schools often host events for students and families such as fairs, carnivals, fundraisers, competitions, meetings, socials, and other special events. These items might include things like tables, chairs, decorations, microphones, audiovisual equipment, pamphlets, banners, and more. Portable storage containers allow schools to store all of their special events items in one place so they are out of the way but also easily accessible when needed.


Maintenance Storage

Schools require routine maintenance and that means there needs to be a place to store cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, lawn equipment, gardening equipment, trash cans, paint, and the list goes on. Schools also need an area where they can store emergency supplies such as food, water, medical supplies, and fashlights. Portable containers provide the additional storage that is needed to house these materials.  



Schools require an abundance of supplies and equipment in order to operate successfully, but unfortunately most schools are not equipped with enough storage. Portable containers are an ideal solution for storing items, freeing up space in the school, and decluttering the school office.


Dusty Rhodes