6 Seasonal Items to Always Store in a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on May 17, 2019  in 
seasonal storage

Do have a large lifestyle but small storage? If so you are not alone. If there is one thing many homeowners can agree on, it’s the fact that there never seems to be enough storage in their home. Whether you live in a small apartment or just have more belongings than you do storage space, most people end up cramming seasonal items in closets, under beds, in the attic, or in just about any space they can find. Fortunately, there is any easy solution to storing all of your seasonal items. Portable storage containers are a great place to store out of season items so you can save the space in your home for more practical purposes. Here are a few of the most commonly stored seasonal items.



Unless you are lucky enough to live in a location with the same climate year round, you will have clothing items to fit every season. This means coats and sweaters end up getting crammed in the closet with shorts and tank tops. While it can be tempting to just toss your out of season clothes in box and place it in the attic, this can end up causing damage. You don’t want your clothes to end up with stains, mildew, or even a snack for critters. Portable storage containers offer a safe and practical solution for storing your out of season clothes so you can free up more space in your closets.



Sure it’s fun to decorate for the holidays but its not fun to take up your storage space for the other 11 months out of the year. Holiday decorations can take up a great deal of space in your home and they can even get lost or damaged when they are all mixed up. Keep your holiday decorations organized and stored out of the way with a portable storage container.


Sports Gear

You might have children who are involved in sports or you yourself might enjoy sports as a hobby. Either way, it doesn’t take long for bats, balls, gloves, golf clubs, tennis rackets, cleats, and more to take over your garage. Most of these sports are seasonal so when the season is over the equipment gets tossed in the garage where it quickly becomes cluttered. Putting these items in a portable storage container during the off-season will free up space while also protecting your sports gear from damage.


Lawn Equipment and Tools

During the winter months your lawnmower, blower, and gardening tools probably aren’t getting much use. Likewise, you won’t be pulling out your snowblower and snow shovels in the summer. Make room in your garage for the items you need right now by moving the out of season items to a storage container when not in use.


Pool Supplies

If you live in a location that experiences a change of season, then you know how frustrating it can be to find a place to store all of your pool supplies and chemicals during the winter. Not only do these items take up a great deal of space, but they should also be stored in a dry cool place instead of inside your garage. Moisture and freezing temperatures are not recommended for pool supplies so a portable storage container will allow you to store these items out of the way in an appropriate setting.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can be quite and investment so it’s important to care for it properly in order to extend the life of the furniture. This means finding a place to store patio furniture and grills when the weather turns cold. A portable storage container provides you with the perfect space to store your patio furniture during the off season so you can be sure it is well protected and ready to go come spring!


Although you can’t stop the seasons from changing, you can find a solution for storing your seasonal items with a portable storage container.


Dusty Rhodes