5 Simple Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Utilize Storage Containers

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 03, 2019  in 
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Realtors use Smartbox to Close

Portable storage containers were designed to help people move their belongings more easily from one place to another; however, they are actually useful in helping real estate agents sell homes in the first place! Plenty of businesses run into storage issues, and real estate is one of them.  Real estate agents need more than a smile and a positive attitude to sell homes. Their jobs also require a lot of materials and they are always in need of a place to store these items.  Portable storage containers are a great solution and a tool that every real estate agent should use...and here’s why.


Store Signage and Hardware

Banners, brochures, yard name it! There are lots of signs and accessories that real estate agents need to promote their name and business. Between “For Sale” signs, “Open House” signs, and directional signs, signage takes up a great deal of space for realtors.  Storage containers provide a simple and convenient storage solution for all of these accessories.


Store Files

Most real estate agents either work from their home or have a small office space.  However, their job entails a great deal of paperwork which can leave them with the challenge of where to store and organize all of it.  Instead of cluttering up a small office space or home office with file cabinets, real estate agents can use a storage container to neatly house all of their files and paperwork.


Store Furniture for Showings

Real estate agents understand the importance of staging a home to sell it.  That’s why many realtors recommend adding or removing furniture to help a home sell more quickly.  Homeowners might be in a bind if they don’t have a place to store their excess furniture, but a real estate agent can solve that problem for them by renting a storage container.


Store Staging Accessories

Many real estate agents even have their own collection of furniture and accessories to use for showings.  Rather than having a client purchase or rent furniture, realtors can use their own collection to stage the home. A storage container is the perfect place to store these extra pieces.


Take Customer Service to a New Level

 When you are selling and buying a home, your real estate agent becomes more than just the person who takes you on a tour of homes; they become like a close friend.  Great real estate agents try to support their clients any way they can.  For example, your client might need to be out of their current home before they close on their new one, leaving them with nowhere to store their belongings.  A real estate agent can take their customer service to the next level by providing a storage container for their client.  Talk about a great way to build a strong reputation!

Dusty Rhodes