9 Budget-Friendly Tips for Using a Quality Portable Storage Company

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 27, 2019  in 
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People own a lot of stuff and it can be difficult to find a place to store all of it.  Whether you are just in need of a little more storage space or you are packing for a move, renting a portable storage container may be necessary.  However, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to pay for extra storage.  Read on for a few tips that will help you save money with a portable storage company.


Organize and Declutter

While it’s true that decluttering your home can be a time-consuming task, it still makes more sense to spend some time decluttering rather than paying for additional storage for items you don’t even need.  If you spend a little extra time going through your belongings and getting rid of everything you no longer need, you will find that you have fewer things to store which means you can save money by renting a smaller unit.


Rent the Smallest Container You Can

Portable storage companies generally offer various sizes of storage containers but you can save money by renting a smaller container.  If you take some time to organize your belongings, you will have a much better idea of exactly how much space you need instead of guessing and paying for a larger container. 


Pack Efficiently

Portable storage containers are much more spacious than you might think.  The trick to getting the most bang for your buck is knowing how to pack the container correctly.  This involves disassembling furniture, stacking boxes vertically, making use of every square inch of the unit, and loading everything from back to front.  When you pack efficiently, you find that you can fit way more than you thought into the container which will end up saving you money.


Shop Around

Just as you would before making a number of other purchases, it’s always a good idea to shop around before signing on the dotted line.  Different storage companies might offer different sized containers and some might even have special deals or discounts.  Spend a little time doing your research to find the best price.


Get a Price Quote

Most portable storage companies are willing to provide a free quote prior to renting a storage container.  Take advantage of this service so you can have a clear idea of exactly what you will be paying.  Make sure and ask about any additional fees or taxes that will be factored into the final price.

Check for Discounts

Many people hesitate to ask for a discount but you could end up costing yourself more money.  Always ask if the storage company offers special discounts for students, teachers, military, or any monthly specials. 


Rent for a Shorter Amount of Time

This one seems simple enough but one of the conveniences of renting a portable storage container is the fact that you can keep it for as long as you need.  This means you can take your time packing and unpacking.  While that is certainly a nice feature, you could save yourself more money by buckling down and getting the job done as quickly as possible.  The shorter amount of time you are renting the container, the less you will be spending.


Store the Container on Site

You also have the flexibility to decide if you want to keep the storage container on-site or store in an off-site storage facility.  There might be times when you need a long-term storage option and a facility would be a better choice.  However, if you have the ability to store you container on-site you will save money on the storage facility rental.



Packing and moving is no easy task and it may be tempting to hire professionals to help load and unload your storage container.  However, you can save a great deal of money by doing it yourself.  Remember, portable storage containers afford you the flexibility to pack and unpack at you leisure, so you don’t have to wear yourself out trying to do everything in one weekend.  Take your time and save money by packing the storage container yourself.


Dusty Rhodes