7 Important Reasons a Charitable Organization Can Use a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 20, 2019  in 
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Smartbox Can Help Charities with Events

Portable storage containers are useful for a variety of purposes other than just moving and personal storage.  Hundreds of charitable organizations have benefitted from the portability, convenience, and accessibility of storage containers to help them carry out their missions.  Here are just a few of the important ways in which storage containers can be used during charitable and outreach events. 


Storing Event and Fundraiser Materials

One of the ways in which charities raise money and awareness is by hosting fundraising events.  These events often require the use of many supplies including tables, chairs, carnival games, food and beverage carts, tents, sound systems and a variety of other materials.  These items are often cumbersome and need to be stored in a separate facility.  Portable storage containers make it easy for charities to keep all of these supplies securely stored and neatly organized.  They can also be easily transported from one location to another making it a convenient way to bring these much needed supplies to any location. 


Donation Storage

Many charities achieve their mission by collecting supplies and donations.  Charities might have clothing drives, food drives, toy drives, and collections of personal items.  Again, the charity will need a place to store all of these items and a storage container provides the space and security needed to hold all of these items. 


Storing Marketing Materials

Charities often gather a number of marketing materials to help spread the word about their mission.  These materials include things like signage, posters, pamphlets, books, and magazines.  A storage container provides additional storage space so the organization can keep all of these marketing materials organized and on-site. 


Transporting Materials from One Place to Another

Oftentimes a charity will host donation drives at various sites so people can drop off the items.  Storage containers are a convenient way to gather and collect these donations in a space where they can be easily transported to a different location.  This saves time, money, and volunteers because they won’t have to spend hours loading multiple trucks with the supplies. 


Save Money on Office Space

One thing most charities don’t have a surplus of is money.  In fact, most charitable organizations function on a tight budget so it’s important for them to save money wherever they can.  Portable storage containers can provide space for storing office supplies, additional inventory, paperwork, and other items so that the organization can save money on renting additional office space. 


Providing Disaster Relief

Charities such as the Red Cross are known for showing up to provide disaster relief to those in need by delivering supplies.  Portable storage containers are large enough to hold greater amounts of supplies and can be easily transported to various locations.


Safe and Secure Storage Option

Whether they are using the portable container to store event supplies or donation materials, charitable organizations can benefit from knowing the items stored in a portable container will remain safe and secure until they are ready to be used. 




Dusty Rhodes