4 Problems with Not Labeling Boxes While Packing

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 15, 2019  in 
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Pro tips on packing and moving

Moving is a huge job and a difficult task but that is precisely why it pays to be organized.  Packing is perhaps the most dreaded task when it comes to moving and it is certainly the most time consuming.  This might leave homeowners looking for shortcuts any way they can. Although it may take few extra minutes, labeling your boxes is hugely important when you are packing.  It may sound simple, but labeling boxes can save you a great deal of time and a tremendous amount of stress.  If you don’t label your boxes you will probably end up being sorry…and here’s why.


You Won’t Be Able to Locate Items

After several exhausting days of moving the last thing you want to be doing is searching tirelessly for a specific item.  If you don’t label your boxes you will end up wasting time trying to locate items.  Most people have numerous boxes when they move so it can be quite a chore to sift through all those boxes.  Labeling your boxes will make it so much easier and faster to find the items you need.


The Contents are a Mystery

When you don’t label your boxes you have no way of knowing what’s inside.   This means you won’t know which items are in which boxes.  This can present a huge problem when you are trying to sort boxes.  It can also be hazardous because you might end up breaking things if you don’t realize the box contains fragile items.  You will have to take the time to open each and every box in order to figure out where it belongs, as opposed to just reading a label on the box.  Save yourself a great deal of time by labeling your boxes.


It’s Is Difficult to Organize Your Boxes by Room

When you are moving to a new home and unloading your boxes, it is helpful to put the boxes in the room where they belong.  This makes unpacking much easier and also prevents you from climbing over a mountain of boxes just to get inside your home.  However, if you don’t label the boxes, you have no way of knowing which room the boxes belong in.  This means you will have to open each and every box before placing it in the correct room.


It Makes the Unpacking Process Much More Time Consuming

Packing and unpacking is no easy task.  That’s why it is important to be as organized as possible so you can get the job done faster.  When you don’t label your boxes, you end up costing yourself a great deal of time looking for items, sorting through boxes, and trying to figure out the contents of each box. 

Dusty Rhodes