9 Crucial Tips for Packing a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 01, 2019  in 
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Portable storage containers have revolutionized the way people move and store their belongings.  These nifty units combine practicality with convenience by providing an easily accessible storage space that is delivered directly to your home.  When used properly, these portable units can help you get organized and work more efficiently.  To get the most bang for your buck, consider these helpful tips for properly packing and securing your storage container. 


Create a Wall

Although it may be tempting to create a bottom layer in the unit by placing boxes all along the floor, the key to maximizing space is to pack vertically.  This will also allow room for you to move about the unit as you are packing without having to step over boxes.  You want to work from the back of the unit to the front and pack from ceiling to floor.  You can place things like mattresses and boxes around the outside edges of the container creating wall-like layers.  A sturdy wall will help to prevent items from shifting when the container is moved from one location to another. 


Distribute Weight Evenly

As you are loading your unit you want to make sure you are distributing the weight evenly from back to front and side to side.  Avoid loading all of your heavy items first, as this will make the weight distribution uneven in the front of the unit.  Place items like appliances and furniture throughout the unit to ensure even distribution. 


Pack Your Boxes Properly

You can’t simply throw items in boxes.  You need to pay attention to what you are packing and what boxes you are placing those items in.  Heavier items should be packed in smaller boxes to allow for easier lifting while lighter items can be packed in larger boxes.  Try to pack your boxes as tight as you can while making sure not to overload them.  Also, try to use as many same size boxes as possible, as this will make stacking them much easier. 


Take Furniture Apart

Disassemble any parts of your furniture that you can such as chair and table legs.  This will allow you to make more space in the container and it will also reduce the chances of your furniture getting damaged during loading and transport. 


Wrap Fragile Items

Even though your belongings are secure inside the storage container, there is always a possibility that items might shift during transport or things could get damaged during loading and unloading.  It’s always a good idea to take extra precaution when packing fragile items.  Wrap glass and electronics in bubble wrap.  Cover wood furniture with furniture padding to prevent scratches.  Clothing, pillows, and newspaper also works well to cushion fragile items.


Don’t Put EVERYTHING in a Storage Container

While portable containers are great for storage, not everything should go inside your portable storage unit.  Food, flammables, cleaning products, and ammunition should never be stored inside a storage container.  Furthermore, you should keep valuable, heirlooms, legal documents, and other important paper with you.  While portable containers are generally safe, it’s better not to risk losing or damaging these items. 


Fill in Space

To get the most out of your storage container, fill in any empty spaces with boxes and other small items.  This will also help with stability and prevent items from shifting during transport.  Be sure to place soft items on top of boxes and fill in gaps with bags of clothing or linens. 


Install Loading Straps

If you will be transporting your storage container to a new location it is important to install loading straps.  This will help to secure your belongings so they don’t shift around and get damaged. 


Pack Important Items in the Front

If you have items that you know you are going to need access to right away you want to set them aside.  Essentials such as toiletries, some clothing, cooking supplies, towels, and linens are good things to pack towards the front of the container so you can get to them quickly and easily.



Dusty Rhodes