3 Ways Contractors Can Use Portable Storage Units in Renovations

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 27, 2019  in 
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3 Ways Contractors use Smartbox

Contractors can always benefit from convenient storage solutions.  Having easy access to tools and equipment can help them stay on schedule while clients will benefit from having a storage place for their furniture during a home renovation.  Portable storage units are the perfect solution for contractors because they can accommodate any size project.  Here are 3 ways that contractors can benefit from using portable storage units during remodels and renovations.


Store Tools and Equipment

One of the best features of a portable storage unit is the convenience.  It can be delivered directly to the job site where it can remain for the duration of the project.  This allows contractors to store their tools and equipment on site.  When they don’t have to spend time loading and transporting equipment from one place to another, it will help contractors to maximize efficiency so they can complete their projects on time.  Furthermore, portable storage units are safe and secure so contractors can be sure their tools and equipment are safe from outdoor elements as well as theft.


Transport Supplies with Ease

Contractors typically work on tight schedules so it is important that they be able to move directly from one job to the next.  When you hire a contractor for a home renovation project, you expect them to be prompt and timely.  Portable storage units can make this happen by providing contractors with a simple way to transfer tools and equipment from one job site to another.  Instead of having to travel back and forth to gather and load supplies, contractors can keep everything then need in a portable storage unit and simply have it delivered to their next job site. 


Convenient Storage Solution for Clients

In addition to storing their own tools and equipment, portable storage units can be beneficial for contractors’ clients as well.  Renovations can get messy so it is important that furniture and other accessories be moved out of the way to avoid damage.  Instead of cramming everything into other parts of the home, homeowners would love the convenience of being able to store their belongings right on site in a portable storage unit.  They can rest easy knowing their belongings are safely stored in a unit that is easily accessible if they need it.  Aside from protecting furniture from damage, storing belongings out of the way also creates a safer worker environment for the contractors. 

Dusty Rhodes