5 Tips to Know When Using a Portable Storage Unit for Patio Furniture

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 22, 2019  in 
portable storage for your pation equipment

When the weather turns cold it’s time to start thinking about moving seasonal items like patio furniture into a storage unit.  Portable storage units are ideal for storing outdoor furniture because they provide protection against the extreme temperatures and hazardous winter weather conditions and help to maintain the appearance of the furniture.  However, before placing your patio furniture into a storage unit, there are a few important things to keep in mind.  The following tips will ensure that your furniture is well protected and stored properly. 


  1. Give Your Furniture a Good Clean

    Outdoor furniture should be thoroughly cleaned prior to placing it in storage.  If there are removable cushions, take them off and launder them to remove stains and mildew.  Wash wood, wicker, or metal surfaces with a mild soap and water and scrub off any dirt or debris.  Wash umbrella fabric with a bush and mild detergent and dry thoroughly before placing it in storage.  Cleaning your furniture prior to storage will help keep it looking its best year after year.

  2. Take Furniture Apart for Proper Storage

    Although it may seem much easier to simply stick your table and chairs into storage unit and lock the door that is not exactly the best way to store it.  This doesn’t mean that you have to take out every single screw, but you should at least unscrew the legs of your table in order to make more room in the storage pod.  Otherwise, you risk scratching or damaging the furniture by trying to squeeze it all into the unit. Make sure to keep all of the screws, nuts, and bolts together in  sealed bag.  

  3. Store it the Right Way

    If you plan to store your patio furniture in a storage pod, make sure you pack it up the right way.  Stack chairs on top of one another to gain extra storage space and turn your table on its side to avoid nicks or scratches on the surface of the table.  Storing your furniture properly will allow for more space in the unit freeing up space for you to walk and move about more easily.

  4. Wrap Your Cushions

    Now that you have gone to the trouble to thoroughly clean your cushions and pillows, you want to make sure they stay that way.  Wrap your cushions and pillows in a plastic bag or place them in a plastic bin that can be sealed.  This will prevent any dirt and dust from getting on the fabric.  You will be glad you did when spring rolls around and all you have to do is pull your cushions out and place them on the furniture!

  5. Cover Your Furniture

Even though your furniture will be safe from the outdoor elements, it is still advisable to place a plastic cover over your furniture while it is in storage.  This just helps to prevent any damage that might occur while moving the furniture in and out of the unit.  It also helps to prevent damage should an item fall on your furniture or rub up against it. 


Dusty Rhodes