8 Inspiring Reasons to Use a Portable Storage Container When Cleaning

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 12, 2019  in 
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Spring is right around the corner which means the time has come to give your home a deep clean.  Spring cleaning can be a dreaded task and can be quite a chore.  Luckily, you can simplify the process by using a portable storage container.  A portable storage container is a convenient, affordable, and practical solution for getting your home neat and organized.  Whether you are cleaning your home to put it on the market or you are just ready to tidy things up, a portable storage container can make the task a whole lot easier.  Here are a few inspiring reasons to use a portable storage container for your next cleaning project.


  1. You Can Finally Declutter

    Whether you are planning to move, preparing to send a child off to college, or you just want to make some more space in your home, there will come a time when you need to declutter.  However, it can seem overwhelming to declutter your entire house.  A portable storage container makes the job easier.  The easiest way to declutter is to take everything out of the room and only put back the items you actually need.  A portable storage container provides the perfect place to move your belongings so you can easily go through your belongings and finally declutter your home.

  2. Give Your Home a Deep Clean

    This is the perfect time to freshen up your home and really give it a good clean.  Again, it is much easier to clean your home when you move the furniture out.  A portable storage container gives you a place to store your furniture and belongings while you clean carpets, scrub floors, and clean baseboards.  By removing the furniture you can easily clean every nook and cranny so your home is clean and refreshed.

  3. Organize Your Stuff

    You have probably told yourself over and over that it’s time to get organized.  Now you can and a portable storage container will help you! You can organize your home room by room when you have a place to store everything.  Simply store excess belongings in a portable storage container as you carefully and neatly organize your home. They are spacious enough for you to spread out and sort through your belongings to ensure everything is neatly put back in place.

  4. Pack Up Items for Long-Term Storage

    As you begin cleaning your home you will find that there are many items that you don’t use year round.  These include holiday decorations, sports equipment, outdoor furniture, etc.  Simply pack these items in a portable storage container during the cleaning process and have them delivered to a long-term storage facility where they will remain until you are ready to use them again.  Free up extra space in your home by placing seasonal items in storage.

  5. Stage Your Home

    Many people wait until they are ready to move to stage their home, but why wait until you are leaving your home to actually enjoy it?  Stage your home for YOU and not a buyer.  A portable storage container can provide a place to store furniture and belongings as you redecorate and stage your home for yourself.  It’s finally time to do something for yourself and create the home you have always dreamed about.

  6. You Will Love the Convenience

    Spring cleaning is hard enough so you might as well make the job a little easier.  Portable storage containers are delivered straight to your door so you can begin cleaning and organizing without ever leaving your home. As soon as you are finished with the container, someone will come to your home and pick it up.  You can also have it delivered to a storage facility for long-term storage. 

  7. You Can Take Your Time

    One of the best features of a portable storage container is that you can keep it for as long as you need it.  That means you don’t have to try and tackle your spring cleaning project in one weekend.  You can keep the container for as long as you like so you can take your time to do the job right.

    8. It’s Safe and Secure 
If these reasons haven’t convinced you to rent a storage container for your next               cleaning project, maybe the security of knowing your belongings are stored safely           will do just that.   You storage container can be locked so only you will have access.         Furthermore, it is built to withstand moisture, temperature fluctuations, and other            outdoor elements so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and                  protected. 



Dusty Rhodes