Infographic guide to getting organized with portable storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 12, 2018  in 
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An Organizational Guide for Packing a Portable Storage Container_v1

An Organizational Guide for Packing a Portable Storage Container

If you are using a portable storage container, you should be aware of how to correctly pack and secure items in it.  To ensure packing success, you will need several items including bubble wrap, a dolly, furniture pads, loading straps, moving blankets, and stretch wrap.  When packing items, wrap furniture and fragile items to prevent dirt, scratches, or broken items, and when loading, create a plan beforehand to evenly distribute the weight.  In addition, use loading straps and leave no empty floor space to prevent load shift. Before packing your next portable storage container, take time to develop a plan for loading your unit and the supplies you will need.

Dusty Rhodes