5 Easy Tips for Moving Across the Country on a Quick Schedule

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 05, 2018  in 
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Moving in itself can be a stressful experience but that stress can be magnified when you are moving across the country.  In a perfect world you would have ample time to prepare for the move, but sometimes life comes at you fast forcing you to move in a hurry.  A quick move has a way of making every task seem overwhelming and difficult to accomplish.  It’s easy to feel paralyzed by the enormous feat that lies ahead.  In this instance it’s important to take a deep breath and simply get to work crossing items off your list.  Here are a few tips for preparing for a cross country move on a quick schedule.


#1 Start with the logistics.

The first step in preparing for a quick long distance move is to decide whether or not to hire professional movers, rent a moving truck, or rent a portable storage unit.  There are some great benefits to renting a portable storage portable storage.  You can enjoy the convenience of having the storage unit delivered directly to your door and the peace of mind of knowing it can also be transported across the country to your new home.  You will also save time loading and unloading because the storage unit is readily available at your home so you can pack on your own schedule.  When you are on a tight schedule, time is valuable so the ease and convenience of portable storage can be a huge perk.


#2 Get rid of the things you don’t need.

The less you have to pack the easier that process will be.  Get busy right away decluttering your home and getting rid of any unwanted items.  A move is a great time to scale down and purge your home of all that extra “stuff” and with a last-minute move, easy packing is essential.


#3 Don’t think…pack!

When you have several weeks or even months to prepare for a move you can certainly take your time sorting, organizing, and wrapping each and every item.  However, when you are in a time crunch the goal is just about getting everything in a box.  You will have time to sort through and organize your belongings later so spend this time keeping your eye on the prize and getting everything packed.  Use blankets, towels, and bedding to wrap and protect breakables.  Pack your clothes as they are by simply wrapping a garment bag around them and tying it around the hangers.  Each time a box is packed, go ahead and tape it shut and move it out of the way.  Each of these little time savers will really add up and help you get your things packed in a timely manner.


#4 Prioritize the items that you need to keep with you.

Unlike local moves that are typically unloaded off the truck within the same day, moving across country takes time and that means you won’t have access to your belongings for a while.  As you pack, make sure you set aside any items that need to stay with you such as extra clothing, medicine, toiletries, and personal necessities.  These items should be packed in an easily accessible suitcase so you have them when you need them.  Likewise, you should also pack a separate box with a few towels, bedding, and pots and pans so you have a few essentials in your new home right away.  Keep these “essential bags” in your own car so you don’t have to sort through boxes to find them.


#5 Purchase moving insurance.

Whether you have dozens of valuable items or not, make sure you are aware of what insurance you have and what it does and does not cover.  Your auto insurance might cover certain things when you are moving long distance and this is important to know.  Also, moving companies usually offer a limited insurance policy but you might want to purchase a more comprehensive plan since you are driving such a far distance and your items were packed rather quickly and you may not have had time to thoroughly wrap every item.  This can give you some much needed peace of mind when you are moving on a quick schedule.



Dusty Rhodes