The Top Misconceptions about Using a Portable Storage Company

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 28, 2018  in 
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Whether you are trying to declutter your home, getting ready to move, or undergoing an extensive home renovation, there comes a time when you will need extra storage space.  While there are plenty of off-site storage options available, these options might seem expensive and inconvenient.  That leaves you with the option of renting a portable storage unit.  If you have never rented a portable storage unit before, you might come across a few misconceptions.  To better understand the advantages of portable storage companies, here are a few answers to the most common misconceptions.


Portable storage units are only used for moving.

This is false.  While portable storage units are a great solution for people who are moving, they are also an ideal choice for a number of other storage needs.  They are perfect for people who need to find a space to store excess furniture and other belongings in order to stage their home.  Even if they aren’t planning on using the storage container for the move itself, it provides ample space for homeowners to keep extra items as they declutter their home and prepare it to be put on the market.  Portable storage containers are also great for homeowners who are undergoing a home renovation.  They can easily store furniture, belongings, tools, and equipment out of the way during the renovation project.  They also offer an ideal solution for businesses that need extra space for seasonal inventory, extra office furniture, or large quantities of paperwork and files. 


Portable storage units aren’t as safe as off-site storage.

This is a common misconception.  Portable storage containers are designed to withstand not only the outdoor elements, but also the wear and tear of consistent moving and travel.  Your belongings will remain secure as they are transported on a specialized carrier where they will endure less shifting than traditional moving trucks.  They also come with a heavy duty lock so you can be sure the items inside are safe from theft. 

They aren’t large enough to hold all of my belongings. 

Again, this is not true.  Portable storage containers are far more spacious than you might think.  They come in various sizes and some are large enough to hold up to two large rooms full of furniture and belongings.  When the unit is packed properly and space is maximized, these containers can hold much more than you realize.  However, if you do require more space you can always rent more than one unit.  The benefit is that you can conveniently load and unload portable storage containers right from your home.

Portable storage units are very expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, portable storage is actually an affordable option for storage and moving needs.  Most portable storage companies offer reasonably priced units in a variety of sizes.  In addition to their competitive pricing, these companies are straightforward and upfront with pricing so you never have to worry about hidden fees and additional costs.  Furthermore, you only pay for the space that you need and you can keep the unit for as long or short as you need so they end up being more affordable than hiring professional movers. 

Portable storage can only be used for local moves.

This is not true.  Some portable storage companies provide long-distance transportation so you can take advantage of these portable units whether you are moving down the street or across the country.  This gives you an affordable and convenient option for a long-distance move.


Dusty Rhodes