7 Lessons You Will Learn While Packing Your Portable Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 14, 2018  in 
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Portable storage units have gained popularity in recent years and for good reason.  They provide much needed storage space and are a smart solution for a variety of storage needs.  Many people find them to be more cost-effective and easier to use than other means of storage.  If you decide to rent a portable storage unit, here are 7 lessons you will learn in the process of packing your unit.


  1. You Have More Stuff Than You Think

    Many people choose to rent portable storage units because they simply do not have adequate storage space at home.  However, they might be left wondering if a storage unit is really necessary.  During the process of packing, they will quickly find out that they have more stuff than they realized.  As they fill their storage unit with box after box, they will soon find that having a portable unit provides the perfect storage solution for all of that extra “stuff.”

  2. They are Spacious

    You may have seen portable storage units in a neighbor’s driveway and thought to yourself, “My stuff would never fit in that unit.”  However, as you begin loading the unit you will soon realize that they are far more spacious than you originally thought.  When you neatly and properly stack boxes, disassemble large pieces of furniture, and strategically store your belongings, you will find that a portable storage unit can easily hold enough contents to equal 2 large rooms.

  3. Ground Level Loading Makes a Huge Difference

    Anyone who has ever loaded and unloaded heavy boxes and furniture up and down the steep ramp of a moving truck knows just how exhausting that can be.  It can put a tremendous amount of strain on your back and can even lead to injury.  As you load your storage unit, however, you will quickly discover how nice it is to have ground level access. 

  4. Labeling is a Must

    If there’s one lesson you are sure to learn when you are packing a portable storage unit, it’s the importance of labeling your boxes.  Boxes should be labeled on all sides so you can pack them anyway and still read the contents of the box.  This will also help you to find what you are looking for more easily. 

  5. Portable Storage Units are Super Convenient

    Packing for a move is stressful enough so you might as well enjoy the convenience of having your storage container delivered directly to your door.  In addition to being dropped off at your home, you can keep the storage unit for as long as you long so you never have to feel rushed to pack and unpack.  You can also have the storage unit transported to your new home whenever you are ready.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

  6. Who Knew Portable Storage Units Were So Versatile?

    As you begin packing your storage unit, it won’t take long before your realize just how versatile a storage unit can be.  It’s perfect for moving, home renovations, business storage, temporary home storage and so much more.  You will quickly learn why so many people have chosen to utilize the space and convenience of portable storage units.

  7. You Can Have Your House Back!

   If there’s one lesson you are sure to learn when packing a portable storage container,     it’s that you can finally have your house back!  There is no more need to succumb to      the clutter in your home.  By storing your excess belongings in a portable unit, you can    maximize space in your closets, attic, and garage for other things. 
  Your spare bedroom  doesn’t have to be a storage room.  With the help of a portable        unit, you can take back the space in your home and enjoy the comforts of living in a        home that is organized and free of clutter.

Dusty Rhodes