9 Common Items to Put in a Portable Storage Unit When Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 26, 2018  in 
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Packing plates and storage tips

Portable storage units have revolutionized the way people are moving and storing their belongings.  Portable storage units act as a moving truck and storage unit all in one, making them an affordable and convenient solution for moving.  They are also ideal for moving because they offer added protection for your belongings during the moving process. This means your items are safe and secure throughout the move.  Here are a few of the most common items stored in a portable storage unit during a move.


If you have ever loaded heavy furniture up and down the steep ramp of a moving truck, than you know just how strenuous it can be on your back.  Portable storage units offer ground level loading and unloading which is ideal for heavy furniture.  It is a safer and easier way to move these bulkier items.


Most damage occurs when people are loading and unloading, and this can be difficult when you are moving large or heavy electronics.  Televisions and computers need to be handled with care and they are much easier to load and unload in a portable storage unit.  When stored properly, items in a portable storage unit are not as likely to be jostled around like they would in a car or moving truck so these expensive items are safer and more secure in a portable storage unit.


When you are moving, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your valuables.  Once your items are packed and loaded on a moving truck, it is difficult to keep up with them.  Not to mention, they will be in the hands of many workers when loaded on a moving truck putting you at risk for theft.  With a portable storage unit, only you will have the key to the pod meaning that your valuables can be locked and secured. 


You have to take certain precautions when packing artwork.  You want to be sure the artwork is wrapped and stored properly.  A portable storage unit is ideal for art work because you can be sure that nothing is placed on top of the art during the packing process.  You can also be assured that your art work will not be shifting all over during transport.

Lawn Equipment

It can be difficult to pack lawn equipment because it is bulky, heavy, and dirty.  Many of those tools are oddly shaped and can be a challenge to pack.  They would also take up a great deal of room in a moving truck leaving little room for your other belongings.  A portable storage unit is smaller and more compact and is ideal for packing things like lawn equipment. 

Sports Equipment

Sports enthusiasts and families with kids are likely to have a garage filled with sports equipment.  Bats, balls, gloves, helmets, cleats, rackets, skis, canoes, camping equipment and other similar items can be difficult to pack in boxes.  It is also much easier to stay organized by keeping these items together.  A portable storage unit is the perfect place to store all of these items.

Fine China

Fine china is fragile and needs to be handled with care.  Why risk damage by placing these keepsake items in a moving truck or in the back of your car?  Instead, store them in a portable store pod where you can be sure they will not be jostled around.  You can also make sure they are adequately wrapped and secured during transport.

Kitchen Items

One of the most frustrating things about moving is not being able to find things when you need them.  For most people, their kitchen items are the last to be packed because they are still being used up until the very last day.  A portable storage unit is the perfect place to store these everyday items because they are easily accessible anytime you need them.

Photographs and Paperwork

Certain items such as photographs and paperwork are susceptible to damage if stored in extreme heat or in damp environments.  Moving trucks can get very hot, especially when they are packed full of boxes.  Likewise, items within are exposed to moisture in the air.  Luckily, portable storage containers are built to withstand the outdoor elements meaning that they will provide added protection for these sensitive items.





Dusty Rhodes