8 Advantages of Using a Portable Storage Container When Renovating

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 23, 2018  in 
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remodelers use portable storage for renovations

Oftentimes when we think of portable storage containers we think of moving.  However, these containers actually provide great solutions for a variety of needs.  A portable storage container is a fantastic option for storing and protecting household items during a remodeling project or home renovation.  Whether you are hiring professional contractors or doing the work yourself, these containers provide a secure, weatherproof location for your furniture and belongings to keep them safe an and organized during the renovation.  Here are 8 advantages to using portable storage for your next remodeling project.


It’s Convenient

Whenever you are completing a home renovation you will have to move furniture and other items out of the way during the project.  A portable storage container offers a convenient solution that couldn’t be easier! The containers are delivered directly to your home so you will never have to worry about packing up your belongings in boxes and hauling them to another location.  Instead, you can simply carry them right outside your doorstep and load them easily into the storage container. Having the option to keep your belongings right at home allows you to easily access your items when you need them. 


 Clutter-Free Work Zone

During a home renovation your home might be taken over by a variety of contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and many others coming in and out.  Placing your belongings in a container will ensure your workers have a clear work zone that they can maneuver through easily.  It will allow them to maneuver about more freely and work more efficiently. 



Home renovations means there will be plenty of tools and equipment lying around your home.  This can present a safety hazard both to your family and the workers.  A storage container is an ideal place for your workers to store their tools and equipment when they are not in use.  This can be especially important if you have small children in the home.  When tools are stored out of the way, you reduce the risk of injury to young curious children.



Home renovations are stressful enough and it can only add to your frustration when your belongings and furniture are scattered throughout your home.  It can be chaotic when you need a specific item and you spend hours looking for it because things are placed all over your home.  A storage container allows you to neatly store your belongings in one place so you can stay organized throughout the renovation process. 


Protect Your Furniture

Home renovations are anything but clean.  They are messy and downright dirty at times and your furniture can really pay the price.  Even if you cover your furniture, it can be susceptible to damage from all of the debris in your home.  You can eliminate damage from paint splatter, dust, insulation, and other debris by storing your furniture and artwork in a storage container.


You Won’t Lose Space in Your Home

Just because you are renovating your home doesn’t mean your children need to share a bedroom so their room can become the storage space.  Don’t give up valuable space in your home when you can store your belongings conveniently in a portable storage container.  You shouldn’t have to cram everything into your spare bedroom, garage, playroom, or any other room in the house.  This will only add to the stress and chaos that already comes with home renovations.



A portable storage container is weatherproof, watertight, and comes equipped with a secure lock so only you will have access to your belongings.  Not only will your items be secure from outdoor elements, you will have peace of mind knowing that your most valuable items will be secure and safe from damage and theft.



Perhaps the best part about renting a portable storage unit is that it is an affordable way to keep your belongings protected during the duration of the project.  You can rent the unit as long as you need and you are not locked into a contract. This means you only pay for storage as long as you need it.


Dusty Rhodes