3 Safety Benefits of Booking a Portable Storage Company

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 19, 2018  in 
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Safety tips for moving and storage

Mobile storage companies have revolutionized the way people move.  They offer convenience, affordability, and practical storage solutions.  These days it’s no longer necessary to torture yourself with exhausting trips back and forth, outrageous moving expenses, and stressful time crunches.  Fortunately, portable storage companies offer a smarter and much easier solution that will make the entire moving process much easier.  In addition to the convenience offered by portable storage companies, they also provide a much safer alternative to moving.  Here are 3 safety benefits of using portable storage.


Safer Loading and Unloading

If you have ever moved anything in and out of a rental truck than you are probably familiar with how strenuous it can be to load heavy boxes and furniture up and down steep ramps.  This can cause serious strain on your back and other muscles.   Portable storage units are built to allow for ground level loading and unloading.  This means you can walk directly into the storage unit without having to use a ramp.  It is a much safer way to load and unload your belongings.


Safer Delivery

When you book a portable storage company, they transport your belongings using a specialized lift system that minimizes the shifting of the contents inside.  With a moving truck, on the other hand, your items are more likely to be jostled during transport.  This means your valuables, furniture, and belongings are more susceptible to scratches and other damage during the move.  This can be especially true if you are moving long-distance.  Once your portable storage container is filled and locked, you can rest assured your belongings will be safe and secure throughout the move.


Greater Security

One of the greatest features of portable storage companies is that the storage container is delivered directly to your home.  Furthermore, only you have the key that accesses your unit.  This means that once your belongings and valuables are placed inside, you can lock the unit until you are ready to begin unloading.  You don’t have to worry about someone breaking into the unit and stealing your belongings.  The storage containers are also built of a durable steel exterior and a wood interior.  This means that your belongings will be safe from the outdoor elements as well as water, moisture, and pests.  With a portable storage company, you can have peace of mind knowing that the contents will remain safe and secure throughout the entire moving process.


Dusty Rhodes