The Most Common Seasonal Sports Equipment Stored in Portable Storage Units

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 05, 2018  in 
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Whether you have a family with kids or you are active person who enjoys playing sports, finding a place to store all of your sporting goods can be a challenge.  Sports equipment can be bulky and cumbersome, taking up a great deal of space.  Furthermore, when the weather turns cold it becomes more difficult to store things outside.  When it comes to finding a storage solution, portable storage units provide just what you need.  They are spacious, convenient, affordable, and allow you to keep everything neatly organized in one place.  Here is some of the most common seasonal sports equipment that could be kept in a portable storage unit.


Golf Items

Golf is a popular sport among people of all ages, but golf bags can be large and heavy.  Many people leave their clubs in the back of their car or in their garage, but clubs should not be kept in these spaces for long periods of time.  If you know you won’t be playing for a while or the colder temperatures are keeping you off the links, it’s a good idea to store your clubs properly to maximize their longevity.  Heat, humidity, and constant exposure to cold weather can damage the club head and shaft. A climate-controlled portable storage unit is the perfect place to store your clubs.


Soccer Equipment

If you have kids that are involved in soccer than you know just how much stuff is required to play and practice this sport.  Cleats, shin-guards, soccer balls, and a soccer goal can quickly take up a great deal of space in your garage.  However, unless you plan on re-buying these items year after year, you should consider placing them in a portable storage unit when not in use in order to preserve the equipment. 


Football Gear

Fall is just around the corner and that means teams across the country will be gearing up for football season.  It also means that parents will be faced with the challenge of where to store all of that football gear.  From helmets and pads to footballs and cleats, moms everywhere will be forced to find a storage solution.  It might be convenient to store these items in the garage during the season, but there is no need to let them crowd your space during the rest of the year.  In the offseason, consider storing it in a portable storage unit where it remain safe from damage and out of your way.


Water Sports

As the summer draws to a close, it’s time to start packing up those water sports items.  Skis, tubes, kayaks, and wakeboards can be difficult to properly store at home.  Protect your equipment and your investment by storing your water sports gear in a climate-controlled portable storage unit. 


Ski Gear

Skiing is a great sport, but it also comes with lots of gear.  Skis, snowsuits, ski boots, and poles are bulky and can take up loads of space in your home.  Since you are only using this equipment during the winter months, put it in a portable storage unit so you can save your storage space at home for more practical purposes during the rest of the year.



Dusty Rhodes