A Guide to Storing Your Pool Supplies in the Off Season

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 06, 2018  in 
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

As the summer draws to a close, pool owners will have to start preparing to close their pools for the season.  This can leave them with an important consideration- where to store all of those supplies? Pool floats, chemicals, cleaning equipment, and other accessories need to be properly stored for the winter to ensure they are ready to go come spring.  Keep your pool items safely stored with these helpful storage tips.  Here’s what you need to know.


Storing Pool Chemicals

Owning a pool entails using specific chemicals to keep the water hygienic and safe for swimmers.  This also means pool owners should pay close attention to how they store these chemicals in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for patrons.  Each chemical should be stored individually in the container in which it was purchased.  Like chemicals can be stored above or below each other and chlorine and acid must never be stored side-by-side.  While chemicals are not likely to freeze, it is best not to expose them to extremely cold temperatures as this can cause them to lose their strength.  Chemicals should be stored in a well-ventilated area.  You also need to be sure that your chemicals are stored in a dry location that is away from fire hazards such as lawnmowers, grills, propane tanks or gasoline.


Storing Pool Equipment

Some pool owners choose to disconnect and store their pool pump and motor during the winter months.  Doing so can prevent the motor from developing rust from moisture which might be present in areas that get a lot of rain and snow in the winter.  Heavy snow can also lead to flooding of the pump and motor.  Furthermore, exposure to brutally cold temperatures can weaken the capacitor of the motor.  If you choose to disconnect your pump and motor, be sure it is completely drained of all water and stored in a dry area that is not exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.


Storing Pool Toys and Floats

Winter weather can take its toll on your pool floats and toys.  For this reason, it is a good idea to store these items in a dry space where they will not be exposed to the outdoor elements.  This will keep all of your pool toys in good shape so they are ready to be pulled out and enjoyed as soon as spring arrives. 


Storing Pool Accessories

Owning a pool requires the use of several accessories including pool vacuums, brushes, skimmers, and pool nets.  Cold weather can cause these items to freeze and crack.  Protect your equipment and your investment by properly storing these items during the off season in a dry location.

Storage Ideas

If you don’t own a pool shed, you could probably use some ideas for storing all of your pool supplies during the off season.  Deck Boxes are great for storage during the summer months when your pool is in use, but they aren’t really ideal for long-term storage during the winter because your supplies are susceptible to moisture and extreme temperatures. While your garage might do the job, you could also end up taking up a great deal of space when you put all of your pool supplies in the garage.  A Smartbox portable storage unit is the perfect solution for storing your pool supplies during the off season. They provide ample space for all of your supplies to be neatly packed.  You can be sure everything is safe from harsh winter weather while the storage units are stored in a secure climate controlled warehouse.    

Dusty Rhodes