8 Reasons a Building Contractor Should Use a Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 24, 2018  in 
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Materials management and storage is an important part of operating a construction site.  Proper storage of tools and materials will help keep costs down, improve timeliness, and provide a safer environment for workers.  Portable storage containers are an ideal for solution for building contractors who want to maintain a safe and secure job site.  Here are 8 reasons why portable storage containers are useful in this industry.

Protection for Equipment and Materials

Wind, rain, snow, dust, debris, and extreme humidity all pose a threat to building materials and equipment.  When left uncovered, these items are susceptible to damage from outdoor elements.   Damaged equipment and materials can delay project time, pose safety risks, and be costly to replace or repair.  Portable storage units keep your tools and materials protected so you can stay on schedule.

Theft Prevention

Theft is one of the biggest liabilities for construction companies.  Keeping your expensive tools and equipment safeguarded in a locked and secure storage unit will give you peace of mind and save you money.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Safety is the top priority for any building contractor.  When tools and equipment are left lying around, the potential for injury is much greater.  Not only will on-site storage keep equipment safe, but it will also provide a safer environment for workers. 

Maximize Worksite Space

Equipment, tools, and materials can be bulky and cumbersome and they can take up a great deal of space.  Portable storage containers allow you to keep all of these items neatly stored and organized so you can maximize the space at your worksite. 

Allow for Livable Space

Sometimes contractors are required to work in a busy area such as an office or residential home.  In these instances, the workers still need to use the office space and the homeowners will continue living in the home.  This can present a challenge for the contractor to work while also allowing space for the occupants.  Portable storage containers allow workers to keep tools and equipment as out of the way as possible.

Containers for Various Projects

One of the best reasons that contractors should use portable storage containers is that they provide a flexible, scalable storage solution that can be altered as the project changes.  The job site might require 5 containers this week and 10 the next.  Portable storage containers are available in various sizes so there is sure to be a container that is just right for the job.  You also have the flexibility to change the quantity of containers that are needed at any given time.



Building contractors are constantly moving from one location to the next.  As your job site changes, simply call a portable storage company such as SMARTBOX and let them relocate your containers to the new job site.  Moving your tools and equipment has never been easier!

They are Affordable 
Portable storage containers are available for as long as you need them.  
You get to decide how many containers you need, so you never pay for 
storage you don’t need.  They are available at an affordable price and 
provide a cost-effective storage solution 
for building contractors.




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