4 Hacks for Storing Items During a Renovation

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 05, 2018  in 
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There has been a surge in residential renovations in recent years and people are choosing to remodel rather than relocate.  While renovations are exciting, they can also be stressful for the homeowner.  You might be forced to camp out in a spare room, turn a bedroom into a makeshift kitchen, and live with the burden of household clutter.  The good news is there are plenty of options for storing your belongings and clearing out a work space during your renovation.  Storage is important so that your furniture and belongings don’t get damaged during the renovation, but it also frees up space for you and your workers to move around freely so the job gets done faster.  Here are just a few storage hacks that can ease the pain of your renovation and eliminate some of the clutter.

Rolling Racks

If you are remodeling a bedroom or master bathroom, you will need to remove all of the items from your closet during the renovation.  This means you have to find a place for all of your clothes for the next several weeks.  Don’t stress yourself out trying to cram all of your clothes into spare closets.  You are going to end up frustrated with the cramped space and you might end up wasting time looking for a particular item.  Instead, invest in a few rolling racks.  They are the perfect way to store your clothes neatly and you can easily transport them from one room to another. 

Stackable Bins

If you are renovating a room such as a kitchen or a bathroom, you are going to have lots of smaller items to store away during a renovation.  You need to find a place for dishes, silverware, cups, pots, pans, appliances, toiletries, towels, etc.  Purchase several plastic bins in a variety of sizes.  Be sure and label each box so you can easily locate items that you need.  For the items you don’t use every day, stack the boxes and place them neatly in a closet or slide them under the beds.  For those items you need to access regularly, stack them neatly in a spare room where they will be easily accessible when you need them.

Mobile Storage

If you are doing a major renovation such as kitchen, it’s going to affect other rooms in the house.  The dust and debris will find its way into your living room, hallway, and any other nearby rooms.  Not only will your belongings be at risk for damage, but they will be in the way of contractors who are trying to move around easily.  To keep furniture and important belongings out of harm’s way, consider renting a portable storage unit to keep your items secure and organized.  They are delivered directly to your home and allow for ample storage and easy access to the items you need.

Storage Unit

If you are doing a large home renovation that involves multiple rooms or you are dealing with a plumbing or electrical issue that impacts a large part of your home, you will need to find a way to store many of your furnishings and belongings.  If you need a little more storage than a portable unit can provide, you might consider renting a storage unit.   They are available in a variety of sizes and will provide a safe, secure, environment for your belongings during the duration of your renovation. 



Dusty Rhodes