7 Ideas for Organizing Your Items to Fit Into a Portable Storge Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 01, 2018  in 
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If you are in the process of moving from one house to another you might be utilizing a temporary portable storage unit.  While moving can be an exciting time, moving your belongings from one place to another can be quite a bit of work. Organizing your belongings can be a task in itself and one that takes quite a bit of planning.  If you are using a portable storage unit for your move, here are some of the best tips for organizing and packing your belongings so that everything fits nicely into your portable storage unit.

  1. Declutter

    Storage costs money and when you are moving you probably want to keep costs down as much as possible.  This means you will need to minimize the amount of things that need to be stored.  Decluttering before you pack helps you to get more organized and lessen your load.  Go room by room in your home and separate your items into piles that are relevant, throw away, and donation.  Once everything is sorted, you can dispose of it or pack it accordingly.

  2. Decide How Much Storage You Need

    Once you have gotten rid of everything you aren’t taking with you, you will have a better idea of how much storage you are going to need.  When you reserve your portable storage unit, the storage company will be able to help you decide what size portable storage unit and how many will be best for your move.

  3. Get Good Boxes

    If you are only moving a few items from one place to another in your car the type of boxes you use might not matter that much.  However, when you are placing them in a portable storage unit, possibly for a while, it is worthwhile to get sturdy boxes that stack well and will hold up nicely while they are packed away.  This will make them easier to move and will ensure that your belongings do not get damaged.

  4. Pack Some Items Separately

    You certainly can’t fit everything into your portable storage unit so a few things should go in your car instead.  Pack any valuables such as jewelry, fine china, extremely fragile items, and any other valuable items in separate boxes.  This way you can keep an eye on them and make sure they do not get broken or damaged inside the portable storage unit.  You should also pack an essentials box with extra clothing, toiletries, medications, and any other items you will need right away.  This will save some space and make these items easier to get to when you need them.

  5. Use All of the Space

    You want to make use of every inch of space to get the most out of your portable storage unit.  Make sure to load heavier items on the bottom of the portable storage unit and lighter boxes on top.  This allows you to store items from floor to ceiling, making use of all the space.  Your portable storage unit will also come with tie-downs that can be used to hold boxes in place and keep them falling during transport.

  6. Wrap Your Belongings

    If you want to get as much as possible into your portable storage unit, you will need to wrap certain items for added protection.  Wrap couches, mattresses, and other soft furniture with stretch wrap so they can be placed inside the portable storage unit without causing damage.  (Turn couches on end to save space).  Cover appliances with cardboard or moving blankets so that you can stack boxes on top of them.  Use moving blankets to cover furniture and keep it protected during the move.  Finally, use bubble wrap, picture boxes, and TV boxes for pictures and electronics.  When your belongings are wrapped properly, you can load them into your portable storage unit and get more out of its space. 

  7. Fill in Empty Space

Instead of loading all of your furniture and large appliances first, evenly distribute these items.  If you save all of your boxes for last, you will never fit them in.  Instead, mix small items with larger ones to fill in any extra spaces.  Evenly distribute the weight of your contents throughout the container. This helps you to make use of all available space in the portable storage unit.




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