7 Reasons Why a Portable Storage Option is the Way to Go

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 06, 2018  in 
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Moving is a stressful time so why make the process more difficult than it has to be?  So long are the days of packing your home box by box, making dozens of trips to and from your old home, and spending countless hours hauling items to your new home.  With the innovation of portable storage containers, these old moving tactics have become a thing of the past. Portable moving containers have simplified the moving process and are a great option for your next move for a number of reasons.

  1. They Are Easy to Load

    Loading your belongings onto a moving truck can be quite a challenge.  It is not easy maneuvering heavy items up a ramp and it can be hazardous for someone who is not a professional.  In addition to risking personal injury, you risk breaking items as you attempt to carry them up a steep ramp.  Portable storage containers make loading and unloading safer and much easier because they are ground level.  You simply walk right in and load your belongings.

    They are Convenient

  2. What could be more convenient than having a storage unit delivered directly to your door? No more making trips to rent and return a moving truck.  Portable storage containers are delivered right to you when you need them and with a simple phone call they can conveniently be transported to your new location.

    You Can Take Your Time

  3. If you have ever rented a moving truck then you know the pressures of working on a time crunch.  You have to load and unload your entire home in a day which can be both exhausting and stressful.  With a portable storage container, you have the convenience of working at your own pace.  Once the unit is delivered to your home, you can take as long as you need packing a little bit at a time.  The same is true for the unpacking process.  You can unpack at your own pace without feeling rushed to return your rental truck.

    Added Security

  4. Since portable storage containers are delivered directly to your home, you can enjoy the added security of knowing that you are the only one with keys to unlock it.  All you will need to do is pack it, lock it, and enjoy the security of knowing that your belongings will be safely stored as long as you need.

    It’s Cost Effective

  5. Compared to the price of hiring professional movers, renting a portable storage unit is a much less expensive option.  You won’t have to worry about any additional fees, premiums, or gratuity, since most portable storage companies have a flat rate.

    You Will Stay More Organized

  6. Unlike traditional moving trucks where you are forced to stack dozens and dozens of boxes atop one another, portable storage containers allow you to neatly organize your belongings by room without having to place all of your belongings in boxes.  It will be much easier to keep up with your belongings and you will not be wasting time sifting through countless boxes to find your items.

    National Delivery Options

  7. Moving across the country? No problem! The best thing about portable storage containers is just that…they are portable!  Moving long distances has never been easier since storage moving companies have just about perfected their delivery services.  This takes the burden of a long distance move off your plate with its ease and convenience.




Dusty Rhodes