Moving Urban: How to Adjust to City Life

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 03, 2018  in 
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Moving to a new city can be a bit of a shock, especially if you grew up in a small town or are used to rural living.  It requires a lot of adjustments aside from sheer size alone.  You also have to adapt to a higher cost of living, integrating with different cultures, thousands of unfamiliar faces, and learning to cope with so many unfamiliar surroundings.  If you are making the move to a big city, here are just a few helpful tips for adjusting to urban life.

Discover the City

One of the most exciting things about moving to a new city is discovering all that it has to offer.  Spend some time exploring and check out local attractions, restaurants, shops, and museums.  A great way to do this is by booking a city tour.  A charted tour is a great way to see landmarks and attractions without the stress of getting lost.  It can help you familiarize yourself with your new home and see all of the exciting and interesting places in the city.

Make Use of Your Mapping Software

These days just about every smartphone is equipped with some sort of mapping device.  This can be extremely helpful when you are trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city.  Make sure and have either your phone or a handheld map with you at all times until you learn your way around.

Talk to the Locals

Spend some time talking with your local neighbors, store workers, or waiter/waitresses to get some helpful advice about your new city.  Ask them for advice about getting around, areas to stay away from, nice places to shop, and great local spots to eat.  You can learn a lot about your new home just by striking up a conversation with a local.

Join a Church or Volunteer Group

It can be intimidating to move to a new city where you don’t know anyone.  Joining a church or volunteer group can help you meet some like-minded people who might share similar interests as you.  It can give you a sense of community and help you feel like you have a place where you belong. They, too, can provide some advice to help you get acclimated to your new home.

Find a Coffee Shop or Café

Find a favorite coffee shop or café and go there often.  Become friendly and familiar with the people in the café and they will become friendly with you too.  It sounds simple enough but having a place where people know you can make you feel more welcome and comfortable.

Keep in Touch with Family and Friends Back Home

With today’s technology and things like Skype, Facetime, and WeChat, staying in touch with distant friends and family has never been easier.  Just talking to someone from your hometown can give you a lot of comfort and encouragement as you adjust to your new home. 

Moving to a big city can bring about a variety of mixed emotions.  It can feel exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  Take a deep breath, take your time, and enjoy getting to know about your new home.  Connect with coworkers, neighbors, churches, or other locals to help you adjust and learn the ropes.  Remember this is an adventure and try to stay positive!

Dusty Rhodes