Home Renovation: 5 Storage Ideas to Consider

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 29, 2018  in 
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Home renovations can be very exciting but they can be equally as stressful.  No matter if the renovation is relatively small such as a bathroom, or extensive such as a kitchen or den remodel, a home renovation project will certainly disrupt your lifestyle for a period of time.  You can minimize the inconvenience, however, by learning how to stay organized and utilizing proper storage techniques throughout the renovation.  Here are some practical storage solutions that will help you stay organized and protect your belongings during your home renovation. 


  1. Organize and Remove Items From Closets

    Many renovations will require removing items from closets or cabinets.  However, that       doesn’t mean you can simply take everything out and throw it in a box.  Rather, take all of your belongings out of closets, then categorize and sort them.  You can store these items in easily accessible storage boxes and keep them organized by labeling each box.  Keeping the boxes neat and labeled will also make reorganizing after the project much easier. 


  2. Use Moveable Storage Solutions

    Moveable storage containers can be helpful as you need to move belongings from one room to another during renovations.  If you are renovating a bedroom for example, you can use rolling clothing racks to easily transport your clothing into a guest room.  Lightweight plastic rolling bins are another great way to keep your items organized while still making them easily accessible in any part of the house. 


  3. Properly Store Draperies

    When you are in the middle of a home renovation project there is inevitably going to be a lot of dust.  This dust and debris can damage your draperies, not to mention that your draperies are going to trap that dust making it more difficult to remove after the project.  Take the right precautions by removing your draperies and neatly storing them away during the project.  You can do this by neatly folding your draperies on the floor and placing them in an airtight container.  Store them in a dark place away from heat and moisture. 


  4. Portable Storage Solutions

    If you are dealing with a renovation that impacts a large portion of your home you might look into a portable storage container.  They are delivered directly to your door and provide the perfect solution for protecting your belongings and getting them out of the way during a home renovation.  If the project is going to be completed in a couple of days, you can simply leave the storage container in your driveway for the duration of the project.  If it is going to take longer, you can have the container removed and stored off-site until the project is complete.  Portable storage containers are a convenient and affordable option for protecting your belongings from damage while keeping them neatly organized.


  5. Rent a Storage Unit

If you are doing a complete home remodel that is going to take several months to complete there is no doubt you are going to need a long-term storage solution.  Remodeling is much easier when you have all of your stuff out of the way and a storage unit is large enough to accommodate furniture, loads of boxes, or any other bulky items.  It is a perfect way to store your belongings in a safe, secure location until the renovation is complete. 

Dusty Rhodes