How to Save Money Throughout the Moving Process

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 20, 2018  in 
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No matter how you look at it, moving is expensive.  That’s why it’s important to find every opportunity you can to save a little money.  There are several ways to trim moving costs and knowing these tips can help ease the financial strain of a move.  Check out these great money-saving tips for your next move.  Remember…every penny counts!

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

There is no better time to purge than right before a move.  As you go through your house packing up belongings, take the time to throw out any unwanted or seldom used items.  You can either donate them or consider selling them in a yard sale.  Most professional moving companies charge by the hour so it would make sense that the less you have the more money you save.  You will also save money on packing supplies if you have fewer items to pack.

Don’t Pay for Moving Boxes

Most moving companies and packing supply stores charge way too much for those much needed packing supplies.  Instead, gather what you can for free.  Check out local grocery stores, liquor stores, bookstores, or even your own workplace to grab a few boxes.  Most of the time, these places are happy to give you as many boxes as you need.  You can also ask family, friends, and neighbors who may have recently moved if you can have their old boxes. 

Avoid Hiring Professional Movers if Possible

Perhaps the biggest expense when moving is hiring professionals.  Rather than simply dropping thousands of dollars on a moving service, look into what it would cost you to move yourself.  If you have friends that can help you, a few six packs and a couple pizzas is far less expensive than paying someone else to load and unload that truck. 

If You Must Hire Movers, Compare Prices

Never just hire the first moving company you come across.  Instead, take the time to call and get quotes from several companies before signing a contract.  Despite what you might think, it is possible to negotiate with professional movers so you never know what kind of rate they might offer you.  If possible, you can also time your move during a slower season such as fall or winter, as prices are generally cheaper this time of year. 

Use Your Own Packing Supplies

Aside from boxes, purchasing packing peanuts and packing paper can also start to add up.  Instead, try wrapping your fragile items with things you already own such as extra clothing, towels, bed linens, socks, and newspapers.  When packing, you can also nest smaller items inside of larger items to save money on packing materials.

Be Smart About Utility Shutoffs

Many service providers require you to pay for a full month’s service if you don’t have it shut off prior to the beginning of the next billing cycle.  Therefore, if a service isn’t absolutely essential, cut off that service as soon as possible so you won’t be charged for an extra month’s service.

Moving will never be cheap, but enlisting these strategies will help you stick to your budget and minimize expenses along the way.  Stick to these helpful tips to avoid putting a dent in your bank account. 

Dusty Rhodes