6 Tips for Mobilizing the Family to Complete a Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 14, 2018  in 
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Looking for a new home can be fun and exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful.  When kids are involved, it’s even more chaotic trying to get everything done all while trying to help them get used to the idea of moving to a new home and school. Add to that all of the packing, goodbyes to old friends, and the readjustment to a new city and moving can really take a toll on a family.  The good news is there are things you can do to make your relocation easier.   Whether you are just moving to a new home a few blocks away or you are transitioning your family to a new state, the following tips can help alleviate some of the stress so you can enjoy a more positive moving experience. 

  1. Have a Conversation About Moving

    Before the first box is ever packed, have a conversation with your kids.  Explain to them why you are moving and help them understand that moving is going to be a good thing for the family.  Invite them to express their feelings and concerns and be prepared to address those concerns and offer plenty of comfort and reassurance.  Then, help them get excited about the move by talking about some of the new things in your new city or neighborhood.  If you are moving locally, help them get excited about their new house. 

  2. Involve Your Children in the Process

    Ask them what kinds of things are important to them in a home or neighborhood.  Obviously, you have the final say in what home you choose, but try to let their voices be heard.  They might like a bigger bedroom or a home close to the park or even a backyard to play in.  While it is impossible to meet all of their requests, it is nice to have their input since it will be their home too.  It will make them feel like they are part of the process.

  3. Have a Packing Party

    Make packing fun by letting the kids get involved.  Let them go through their own things and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  You can also give them their own packing supplies and let them help pack up their things.  Getting your kids involved in the packing process will help them feel like they are part of the decision.  It is also helpful for mom and dad, too!  Once the boxes are packed, let the kids decorate the boxes.  This will make the whole process more fun and you will be sure to have the fanciest moving boxes around!

  4. Tour the Neighborhood

    Like many adults, kids don’t like the unknown.  It can be scary to move to a new place that you know nothing about.  Help ease this fear by going on a tour of your new neighborhood.  This is a great opportunity for you and your kids to learn your way around, check out nearby parks, and even meet some of your new neighbors.  Make it and adventure and let your kids help navigate.  They will love spending a fun day with the family and they will feel much more at ease once they know more about their new home.

  5. Make Unpacking a Game

    You are already exhausted by the time you make it to your new home and the thought of having to unpack all of that stuff is looming overhead.  Make the process easier and more fun by enlisting the help of your kids.  Hide little prizes in each box for your child to find as they unpack them.  You can also turn it into a scavenger hunt, encouraging kids to locate specific items by unpacking the boxes.  Of course, they will also love getting to unpack their own things and setting up their new room.

  6. Have a Family Camp Out

Make special memories the first night in your new home with a family camp out.  Order some pizzas, lay out some sleeping bags, and spend the evening talking about all of the new adventures that are in store.  This will help your children to adjust and get more excited about their new home.  It is also a great way to take a much needed break to just relax and enjoy the company of your family. 

Dusty Rhodes