How to Ensure a Smooth Transition When Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 12, 2018  in 
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Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences you have to go through.  It is a task that requires a great deal of planning, preparation, and physical labor.  Having said that, there are things you can do to make the transition smoother and the process more enjoyable.  As much as moving is never easy, you can make it less stressful by following a few helpful tips.

Start Early

Never underestimate how much time it takes to move.  It takes a great deal of time to go through all of your belongings and pack them up correctly.  You then have to transport every single item from one place to another.  This is no easy feat!  Many people wait until the last minute to start packing and then end up completely frazzled and disorganized.  It is best to start the moving process at least 4 weeks before you plan to move.

Pack Properly

It’s not enough to just throw all of your belongings into a box.  This will result in lost and damaged items.  Instead, take the time to pack right.  That means starting by going through and getting rid of any unwanted items.  There is no need to spend time packing things you don’t need.  Next, make sure you have the proper packing supplies so you can keep your fragile items from getting damaged during the move.  Finally, keep your things organized by labeling boxes and packing like items together.  This will be a tremendous help when it comes time to unpack at the new house. It can be helpful to rent a portable storage unit to keep your belongings organized while allowing you to pack at your own pace. 

Pack an Essentials Box

Don’t forget to pack a special box for those essentials you will need right away.  This should include extra clothing, medications, toiletry items, and a few snacks.  You don’t want to spend hours sifting through boxes to find your toothbrush.  Pack enough items to get you through a couple days. 

Create a Moving List

A moving list can be a very useful tool in helping you to keep track of things during and after your move.  There is a ton of information to remember and it can be overwhelming.  Here are few things to include on your list:

-utility, cable, internet and other services to be turned off/on

-file change of address

-keep up with important paperwork and documents

-moving schedule

-notify schools, friends, family of new address

Take a Tour of Your New Neighborhood

This is a great idea for everyone but can be especially helpful for those moving with children.  Moving to a new home and/or school can be a difficult change for a child and you can ease the transition by helping them get acclimated to their new neighborhood.  Take a walk and look around, making time to introduce yourself to new neighbors or visit a nearby park.  This will help your child get excited about their new home.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Like anything else, no matter how much you plan and prepare something can always go wrong.  Try not to let the little things get you down and remember to keep a positive attitude.  This is helpful when moving with children.  They are more likely to handle the transition better if they see you calm and collected.  Take a deep breath and remember that everything does not have to be accomplished in a day.  Take your time unpacking and try to keep a smile on your face and a good sense of humor during the moving process.





Dusty Rhodes