Benefits of On-Site Storage during a Home Renovation

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 08, 2018  in 
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Renovating your home can be both exciting and stressful.  During the renovation, homeowners are sacrificing their privacy and opening up their home to a number of crewmen, plumbers, electricians, and other workers.  The job will also go much smoother if all of the furniture is out of the way, but this leaves homeowners trying to find a place to store all of their belongings.  The answer is simple….an onsite portable storage unit.  SMARTBOX provides convenient, portable storage solutions to help your home renovation go off without a hitch.  Here are just a few reasons why SMARTBOX provides the onsite storage you need during your renovation.

It’s Convenient

Portable storage units are an easy and convenient way to store your belongings during a renovation.  The best part is that the storage comes to you!  SMARTBOX will drop off the portable storage unit directly to your home and you keep it as long as you need.  When you’re ready, simply give SMARTBOX a call and they will come and pick the portable storage unit up so you are never inconvenienced. 

Your Belongings are Accessible

Renovations can take some time and chances are you might need some of those belongings that have been stored away.  With an on-site portable storage unit, you can access your belongings 24 hours a day right outside your door. You won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to a storage facility to get the things you need.  In addition, what sets SMARTBOX aside from other competitors is their easily accessible portable storage unit.  The size of their container allows for easier reaching and better accessibility into the unit. 

It’s Secure

If you choose to store furniture and other belongings in the garage, they are susceptible to damage from moisture, insects, temperature, and other outdoor elements.  At SMARTBOX, our portable storage units are built for durability.  The interior wooden structure provides protection against rust while also allowing your belongings to breathe, preventing mold and mildew.  You can also be sure your items are securely stored where insects and other pests cannot get in.   SMARTBOX ensures maximum protection for your belongings in their unique portable storage units.

It’s Affordable

No matter how big or small your home renovation project is SMARTBOX has a portable storage unit to fit your needs.  Their pods are available in a number of sizes, so you never pay for more space than you need.  Plus, with a SMARTBOX container you can transfer your belongings to and from your home while on your property, so there is no need to pay for a moving truck.  SMARTBOX provides plenty of convenient, portable storage options at a price you can afford.

Home renovations are a breeze with the ease and convenience of SMARTBOX portable storage units because you will have a place to store your furniture until the project is complete.  You can also load and unload your belongings at your own pace, making your renovation project less stressful and more enjoyable.  On-site portable storage units can provide you with all of your storage needs during any home renovation and SMARTBOX has a space-saving storage solution just for you!




Dusty Rhodes