3 Crazy Nautical Items You Can Store In Your Portable Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 22, 2018  in 
  • Storage Tips

The days are growing colder and the boats are leaving their harbors for winter storage.  The annual decommissioning of a boat is bittersweet but properly winterizing your nautical gear will ensure that your investment is protected and ready to go come spring.  While it is certainly important to protect these items from the harsh winter weather, many of these items can be bulky and cumbersome, making them difficult to store at home.  With the help of a portable storage unit, you can safely store all of your nautical equipment keeping it safe from the winter elements and out of your garage.  Here are 3 examples of nautical items that are perfect for a portable storage unit.



Just like any other piece of equipment on a boat, your sails must be properly cared for.  Sails can easily get damaged from sunlight, debris, and harsh winter weather.    Winter is also the time when critters start looking for a warm place to build their winter home and you don’t want your sails to be an option!  Sails should be stored in clean, dry locations so a portable storage unit is a perfect option.  Their wooden interior is built to withstand outdoor elements while it is sealed to prevent animals from getting inside.  In addition, your sails are less likely to get torn or damaged when they are neatly stored in a secure location.  Remember that your sails are a vital and expensive part of your sailboat and they need to be treated with care.  Try a portable storage unit where you can rest assured your sails will be well-protected. 


Fishing Equipment

If you enjoy fishing and boating but live in a cold weather location, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to store your rods, reels, and tackle boxes during the winter months.   It is important to properly store your fishing gear during the off season so you can protect your investment and ensure your equipment stays in good shape. However, it’s not enough to just throw your rods into a stack in your garage.  This will lead to damaged rods and rusty equipment.  Furthermore, your fishing gear can quickly cramp your storage space in the garage.  A portable storage unit allows you to store your equipment in a safe and secure environment where it will be neatly organized and ready for next season.


Anchor Line

At the end of the season many boaters are faced with the dilemma of how and where to store their anchor line.  It can be quite a task to find a dry place where you can neatly organize 300 feet of rope.  Without proper storage, these anchor lines can get tangled and are susceptible to dry rot if they aren’t stored in a dry location.  A portable storage unit offers the perfect solution because you can neatly coil your anchor lines to avoid tangling and the interior of the unit will prevent any moisture from getting inside. 

If you live in an area with colder winters you will have to come up with a storage solution for your nautical equipment during the harsh winter weather.  Portable storage units are an affordable and convenient solution for storing these items.  Save space at home and protect your investment with this smart storage solution. 

Dusty Rhodes