5 Key Facts to Know About Working with a Portable Storage Company

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 13, 2018  in 
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Thinking about renting a portable storage container for your next move?  If so, you will want to be well informed about a few important things.  Portable moving containers are convenient, safe, and will save you a great deal of money compared to hiring professional movers.  For these reasons, portable containers have become a popular choice for people who are moving.  Here’s a quick rundown on some important facts that you will need to know before booking your portable storage unit.


Decide How You Want to Use It

Renting a portable storage container is pretty simple.  You must first decide whether you are looking to store, move, or do both with your belongings.  If you are looking for storage, you will need to decide if you plan to store it at your home or if you prefer to have it stored at the company’s storage facility.  Home storage is ideal if you only need it for a shorter duration.  For long-term storage, you are better off using the company’s storage facility. 


They Come in Various Sizes

Everyone’s needs are different, and that’s why portable storage containers are available in various sizes.  If you base your decision solely on price, you might end up with a unit that is too small.  That’s why it’s important to take a look at your inventory and let the company help you decide which unit is right for you.   They will be able to help you decide which size is right for your belongings so you won’t end up paying for more than you need. 


How it Works

After reserving your portable storage unit, the company will deliver the container right to your door.  From there, all you have to do is load the container at your leisure.  Call your storage company when you are ready and they will pick it up and deliver it to your new home or to the storage facility.  It’s fast, easy, and convenient!


You Will Need to Secure Your Items Inside

Your portable storage container is dropped off right at your home and because you are doing the loading, you are responsible for making sure that your belongings are adequately secured inside.  Your items might get jostled around like they would in a moving truck.  Therefore, you want to take any special precautions when packing to ensure your belongings aren’t damaged while in transit. 


Portable Storage is NOT Just for Moving

When most people think about portable storage containers, they think about people who need them for moving.  However, there are so many other uses for portable storage containers.  They are great for businesses that just need a little extra space for equipment, extra inventory, or boxes of files.  They are also great for college students who need somewhere to store their belongings during the summer.  Additionally, they are perfect for those who need a little extra space to store seasonal items such as outdoor furniture, decorations, lawn equipment, sports equipment, etc.  The possibilities are endless with portable storage containers. 

Dusty Rhodes