4 Decisions to Make When Unpacking Your Dorm Room

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 24, 2017  in 
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The day has finally come when you get to start your life as an independent adult and live on your own for the first time.  You step foot into your dorm room and begin unpacking the first box when the following thought pops into your head… “How am I ever going to fit all of my stuff in this tiny room?”  Excitement quickly turns to worry as you ponder whether or not you seriously over packed.  Unpacking your college dorm room can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. Trying to balance the comforts of home with the necessities of college life can be quite a challenge.  To help make life a little bit easier while unpacking your dorm room, consider some of these decisions. 

How Am I Going to Set My Room Up?
One of the most important decisions to be made is how you are going to design your dorm room.  Are the beds going to be side by side or bunked? Where do plan to put the mini fridge?  How can you arrange the furniture to allow for the greatest amount of space?  Once you have arranged your furniture the way you want it and all of the big items are in place, you can begin unpacking all of the little things.  This will help you to see exactly how much space you are working with and you will be able to organize your belongings where you want them.

Which Items Are Most Important?
As you begin to rummage through the countless items you packed, it is helpful to begin by putting away the essentials first.  This includes things like clothing, shoes, toiletries, bedding, computer, hair dryer, food, etc.  Think about which items you absolutely cannot live without and get those organized first.  All of the ‘extras’ can be set aside until you have a better idea of how much room you will have after the essentials have been unpacked. 

How Am I Going to Decorate?
Once you have unpacked the essentials, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to decorate your room.  After all, this is going to be your home away from home for the next nine months so you will want to make it as cozy and personal as possible.  Begin by hanging up photos and pictures on the walls, setting up a few knickknacks on your desk, and adding a chair here or there.  Décor is a big part of moving into a dorm because you want your space to be something you are happy with. 

What Can I Take Back Home?
There’s bound to be a pile of things you probably aren’t going to use.   Once you have unpacked everything else and realize exactly how much space you are working with you are going to find that some things aren’t worth the clutter. Pack all of those items in a bag and neatly tuck it under your bed and out of the way.  Then the next time your parents are in town or you make the trip home you can take it with you. 

 Making these decisions can ease the unpacking process and make it quicker and less stressful.  You will have an organized space so you will be all set for your first day of classes or your first night out!

Dusty Rhodes