5 Things Not to Put in Storage Over the Summer Months

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 21, 2017  in 
  • Storage Tips

If you have a lot of precious belongings but no place to store them than you are probably one of many people who are considering renting a storage unit.  Storage units offer a convenient and affordable option for storing all of those personal belongings that you just might not have room for at home.  There are options to consider, however, when renting a storage unit.  Perhaps the most important factor to consider when renting a storage unit is whether or not to get a climate-controlled unit.  While it will cost you a bit more, there are certain items that should not be stored during the summer months unless you have a climate-controlled unit. If you are wondering whether or not you will need a climate-controlled unit, read on about these five things you should NOT put in storage over the summer months without proper climate control.

The summer months bring about high humidity levels which are not good for photographs.  Your pictures will stick together and deteriorate in hot and humid conditions.  In order to preserve your precious memories avoid storing them in hot units during the summer months.   

TV’s, computers, and recording equipment might take up extra space in your home but you should avoid storing them during the summer unless your unit is climate-controlled.  Electronics are susceptible to damage when there is too much humidity in the air so it is not a good idea to store your electronics during hot summer months.

Books and Paperwork
If you have books or other important documents that you need to store over the summer you want to make sure they are in a climate-controlled unit.  Papers are likely to become yellow and difficult to read when they are stored in hot and humid conditions.

Wooden Furniture
It is common for people to look for extra space to store bed frames, tables, chairs, and wooden furniture.  However, do not store wooden furniture during the summer without climate control.  When wood is exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture over time, it will begin to crack, warp, or rot.

If you are looking to store leather clothing or furniture keep in mind that leather is very sensitive to drastic temperature changes.  If exposed to too much moisture, leather can mildew and become discolored so protect these pricey pieces during the summer with a climate-controlled unit.

These are just a few of the items that should never be stored during the summer months without proper climate control.  Although it might cost a little more, it is well worth the expenses to know that your belongings will be safe and secure during the hot summer months.

Dusty Rhodes